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  • thought provoking videos, Selfie money, what if your selfies earn you money, Viral videos

    What if your selfies earn you money 13 May 2016

    Yes why not, when you are so much passionate about selfies and cannot stop your finger from moving onto the camera option on phone, after seeing a perfect location, this scheme is for you. Just for your selfies, someone offers...

    Keywords: thought provoking videos, Selfie money, Selfie money, viral videos

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    Smoking, Smoking, father caught daughter smoking what s next, Viral videos

    Father caught daughter smoking, what’s next? 19 May 2016

    A father finds his daughter smoking and gets irritated. He then lands with her into a big discussion. While the daughter tries to water the fire of her father, he goes on taking new logics. Also read: Good or bad, it's...

    Keywords: viral videos, Smoking, Smoking, Smoking

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    viral videos, boys, boys will be boys, Viral videos

    Boys will be boys 21 May 2016

    You move out with him, you smile with him and roam anywhere with him, the situations will be favorable. But, when you try try to share the work with your guy, remember the boys will be boys. Also read: What's wrong...

    Keywords: funny videos, boys, funny videos, viral videos

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    photography, thought provoking videos, confession after things go out of hand, Viral videos

    Confession after things go out of hand 27 May 2016

    He is passionate about photography, loving to take a snap of every beautiful thing around him. But not to the surprise of many, the parents of such passionate kid, are against his passion and wants him to move forward with...

    Keywords: photography, photography, thought provoking videos, photography

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    prank videos, viral videos, tiffin box bomb prank, Viral videos

    Tiffin box bomb prank 11 May 2016

    “Beware of the tiffin boxes in the public, left undisturbed for longer hours!” You know the reason behind the above warning. Taking this knowledge of the public into consideration, a prank is played on them. A guy leaves a tiffin...

    Keywords: prank videos, viral videos, viral videos, Bomb prank

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    prank videos, Prank girl friend, girls behind rich prank proves again, Viral videos

    Girls behind rich, prank proves again 25 May 2016

    If you are zero, people stay away from you, but if you are a hero, they surround you in no time. This logic can be best proved in a girlfriend case. Here is such a prank played on a stranger...

    Keywords: viral videos, prank videos, prank videos, prank videos

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    Chandigarh wheelchair  news, wheelchair, viral video a wheelchair moves on its own in a chandigarh hospital, Viral videos

    Viral Video: A Wheelchair Moves on its Own in a Chandigarh Hospital 24 September 2019

    Viral Video: A Wheelchair Moves on its Own in a Chandigarh Hospital:- A shocking incident turned out to be a sensation across the country. In a private hospital in Chandigarh, a wheelchair moved on its own with no support. While...

    Keywords: Chandigarh wheelchair news, Chandigarh wheelchair incident, Chandigarh wheelchair news, Chandigarh wheelchair updates

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    funny videos, funny videos, nudist pranks, Viral videos

    Nudist pranks 31 May 2016

    How would it be, when you go out for a coffee shop and find the people over there, are nude? Would you dare to move into it.? Also read: Woman laughs hysterically over star wars toy How would it be, when...

    Keywords: viral videos, Nudist pranks, Nudist pranks, funny videos

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    Ghost prank, prank videos, ghost in the dance room, Viral videos

    Ghost in the dance room 20 May 2016

    How would it be, when you enter into a big dark hall and upon switching on the lights, something wearing white cloth over it, pretending to be ghost, following you making threatening sounds. A similar prank is played on the...

    Keywords: Ghost prank, prank videos, Ghost prank, viral videos

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    viral videos, viral videos, fearless kid you would love to have, Viral videos

    Fearless kid, you would love to have 09 May 2016

    When I was a child, I was eating mud, but today kids, they even see the expiry date of a juice pack, before consuming it. With the advanced world, even the kids started turning as advanced, and braver. The kid...

    Keywords: viral videos, funny videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    viral videos, thought provoking videos, realize your son has his own dreams, Viral videos

    Realize, your son has his own dreams 30 May 2016

    When the son is not interested in the career, father is forcing him to go for, how would it be if the mother, backs the son, with the super crazy idea. Here is one such crazy mother, came up with...

    Keywords: Son dream, viral videos, Son dream, viral videos

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    Tilt brush, Tilt brush, you can paint in the air with this tilt brush, Viral videos

    You can paint in the air with this tilt brush 14 May 2016

    You might be a great painter that you can bring the liveliness in whatever sketch you make. But whatever paintings you produce, you can only do it on the paper or other things. But have you ever imagine to draw...

    Keywords: Tilt brush, paintings, viral videos, paintings

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    viral videos, viral videos, date with girlfriend in lonely bungalow at night, Viral videos

    Date with girlfriend in lonely bungalow at night 18 May 2016

    She takes her boy friend to an idle, big and lonely bungalow in the dark night. Time turns tempting, the man takes off shirt and the girl moves to the wash room. It is then, something unexpected happens. Also read: Fearless...

    Keywords: viral videos, Date girlfriend, viral videos, viral videos

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    viral videos, Couple kissing stranger, couple kissing in front of stranger, Viral videos

    Couple kissing in front of stranger 24 May 2016

    It would be great to watch some lip-lock scene in the film. But how would it be, if you got to watch the similar romantic scene in live, that too, just beside you.Here is a prank played on the similar...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, funny videos, viral videos

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    funny videos, Viral videos, why indians don t replace water with tissues, Viral videos

    Why Indians don’t replace water with tissues 17 May 2016

    While the foreigners are already accustomed to use the tissue papers in the wash room, Indians would not really find that comfort of using water, with any toilet papers. Also read: Tiffin box bomb prank When several Indians are approached to...

    Keywords: Viral videos, Viral videos, Viral videos, Viral videos

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    viral videos, Skydiving, scary game while skydiving, Viral videos

    Scary game while skydiving! 10 May 2016

    Skydiving is not a new thing these days. So when it is not new thing, people are trying to make it new, performing some crazy stunts, while such diving. Watching those stunts itself would be scary, and how about their...

    Keywords: viral videos, game videos, game videos, Skydiving

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    prank videos, Girls phone number, what all you do to get a girl s number, Viral videos

    What all you do to get a girl’s number? 12 May 2016

    You can praise her, she smiles, you can flirt her, she will enjoy inside, you can make her laugh loud, but still she thinks twice to give you her phone number. Here is a guy, who does all the flirty...

    Keywords: Girls phone number, prank videos, viral videos, Girls phone number

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    thought provoking videos, viral videos, remember there is education behind classrooms, Viral videos

    Remember there is education behind classrooms 26 May 2016

    “Communicate correctly, because there is education beyond classrooms.” This message is what the video below gives. We come across, on the public streets, several hoardings, nameplates, flexies, with wrong spellings on it. Also read: Unconditional love between kids is adorable The intention...

    Keywords: Education classrooms, thought provoking videos, thought provoking videos, Education classrooms

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    funny videos, Woman hysterically laughs, woman laughs hysterically over star wars toy, Viral videos

    Woman laughs hysterically over star wars toy 23 May 2016

    How would it be, when some one tells you a joke and they themselves laugh for it loud? A women picks a star wars toy and laughs out hysterically, putting up that mask over her face. Also read: Fearless kid, you...

    Keywords: Woman hysterically laughs, viral videos, Woman hysterically laughs, Woman hysterically laughs

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    viral videos, viral videos, pranking in the shower, Viral videos

    Pranking in the shower 16 May 2016

    How would it be, when you have seen someone bathing in their semi nude avatar?No naughty thoughts now. I'm asking about the situation when you had to see someone suddenly bathing and you have pulled out the curtain of the...

    Keywords: bathing prank, viral videos, funny videos, funny videos

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