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  • Connecticut elementary school, 20 year old, obama shattered with the shooting at school, Us president obama

    Obama shattered with the shooting at school 15 December 2012

    After a madman, believed to have a personality disorder, rushed into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ct, had killed over 26 people of which 20 were innocent kindergarten-to-fourth-grade children, Obama almost in tears, spoke to the people at the White House....

    Keywords: sandy hook elementary school, Sandy, Denver shootings, Connecticut elementary school

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    Obama government, Obama government, obama says no attack but will still help syria, Us president obama

    Obama says no attack, but will still help Syria 17 September 2013

    US president Obama has given the green signal for chemical weapons-related assistance to Syria on Monday. Helping the Middle Eastern country protect themselves against any future attack seems to be the latest agenda. The war torn country's opposition, healthcare community...

    Keywords: Syria chemical weapons program, Obama government, US chemical weapons-related assistance, US attack on Syria. Syrian president Assad

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    Washington police, US President Obama, us navy yard mass shootings accused is buddhist, Us president obama

    US Navy Yard mass shootings accused is Buddhist 17 September 2013

    Here is one Buddhist who did not learn the lesson of non-violence. Aaron Alexis was once an active Navy Reserve member from 2007 to 2011. On Monday, he entered the US Navy Yard with a valid pass as a civilian...

    Keywords: US President Obama, US President Obama, Aaron Alexis, Aaron Alexis

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    Andhra, Hmtv live, stumbling blocks in us economy, Us president obama

    Stumbling Blocks in US Economy 03 September 2011

    The major blocks in the revival of US economy, if not corrected in a phased manner, will dent the overall performance and will become monuments in the long history without a chance of revival. The strategy that has to be...

    Keywords: President Obama, US consumer, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve

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    Umpqua Community College Roseburg, Umpqua Community College Roseburg, shooting at oregon college kills atleast 10 who is to be blamed, Us president obama

    Shooting at Oregon college, kills atleast 10, who is to be blamed 02 October 2015

    A gunman has barged into Oregon community college on Thursday and opened fire, killing at least a dozen people before dying in a shootout with police, authorities said. The killer, identified as a 20-year-old man, invaded into a classroom and...

    Keywords: Gerrand, President Obama, Gerrand, Kiwi basketball player

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    President Bashar al-Assad, President Obama, give up your chemical weapons syria, Us president obama

    Give up your chemical weapons Syria 10 September 2013

    When the Secretary of State John Kerry casually suggested that Syria  could avert American wrath by giving up its chemical weapons, little did he know that would come as a 'breakthrough' for the Obama government as well as the civil-war-torn...

    Keywords: John Kerry, Yield weapons to avoid military showdown, Yield weapons to avoid military showdown, President Bashar al-Assad

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    pictures of Celebs in awkward poses, pictures of Celebs in awkward poses, obama s repeated foot in mouth moments, Us president obama

    Obama's repeated foot in mouth moments 04 September 2013

    Got enough of pictures of Celebs in awkward poses? No? We're here's more from the President of the US of A himself. Obama was clicked in several 'rude' poses in his Oval office, which, unsurprisingly, drew considerable cirticism. Check out...

    Keywords: Obama's repeated foot in mouth moments, Oval Office, President Obama's rude act, President Obama

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    , newtown, man open fires at a school 20 children dead, Us president obama

    Man open fires at a school, 20 Children dead 15 December 2012

    A man who is believed to have a personality disorder entered and elementary school in Connecticut and started spraying bullets after which he claimed 26 lives of which 20 were children below the age of 10. A few other lucky...

    Keywords: Denver shootings, 20 children dead, Sandy, Connecticut elementary school

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    US President Obama, BJP, barack obama impressed modi s bureaucratic inertia, Us president obama

    Barack Obama impressed Modi's 'bureaucratic inertia' 05 December 2014

    United States President Barack Obama has praised India PM Narendra Modi's hard work over shake up the ‘bureaucratic inertia’ in India, within a month after he called Prime Minister as a ‘man of action’. Recently, Obama has announced that he...

    Keywords: Barack Obama, Latest National News, Parliament, National News

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    President of United States, Barack Obama, us president obama to split with michelle, Us president obama

    US President Obama to split with Michelle? 18 January 2014

    President of United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are likely to end their relation after Obama's tenure as President. According to a Washington daily 'National Enquirer', Michelle approached lawyers recently for divorce however she is will wait...

    Keywords: US President Obama to split with Michelle, International news, Washington daily, International news

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    Obama pays high respects to PM, PM appreciates Obama, us president obama breaks protocol for pm, Us president obama

    US President Obama Breaks Protocol for PM 29 September 2013

    The President of United States Obama showed high respects to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who is on his US tour and broke protocol for the sake of giving farewell to PM while he was leaving after discussions with Obama....

    Keywords: PM appreciates Obama, Obama pays high respects to PM, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

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    international terrorism, United States of America, president obama but we must finish the job we started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly, Us president obama

    President Obama: “But we must finish the job we started in Afghanistan and end this war responsibly.” 02 May 2012

    United States President, Barack Obama, landed in Kabul, unannounced and delivered a live televised address to mark the first anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. At Bagram air base, Obama met troops and in his live address to...

    Keywords: President, SEAL, SEAL, SEAL

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