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  • Twitter accounts hacked, Kaspersky, 540 twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours, Twitter accounts hacked

    540 Twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours 12 May 2012

    Hacking attacks are becoming global threat and especially people are worried over the hacking of social networking sites. In a similar incident, as many as 540 Twitter accounts were hacked within 48 hours across the globe. The antivirus and firewall...

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    Pawan Kalyan, Janasena followers, ysrcp behind janasena twitter accounts suspension, Twitter accounts hacked

    YSRCP Behind Janasena Twitter Accounts Suspension 18 September 2019

    YSRCP Behind Janasena Twitter Accounts Suspension:- Over 300 twitter accounts of Janasena and their supporters got suspended in a day which left everyone in deep shock. Janasena leaders blamed YSRCP for the move. Janasena Shatagni along with several other accounts...

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