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    Anushka attends Tamil tuition, Goutham Menon, anushka attends tamil tuition, Tui

    Anushka attends Tamil tuition 19 April 2014

    A decade after landing in the film industry, Anushka Shetty is heard to be going tuition to learn Tamil language for her next project.  She has been roped as the female lead in Goutham Menon's upcoming movie and this director...

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    depression, Scientists find culprit for stress, scientists find culprit responsible for stress, Tui

    Scientists find culprit responsible for stress 22 July 2013

    Researchers have reportedly identified the culprit in the brain responsible for creating feelings of stress and anxiety. Termed 'misery molecule', the CRF1 creates stress and anxiety and may also play a role in depression. The protein is located in the...

    Keywords: anxiety, Stress, Scientists find culprit responsible for stress, Scientists find culprit for stress

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    student, student, bengaluru 7 year old beaten with belt by her tuition teacher, Tui

    Bengaluru: 7 Year Old Beaten with Belt by her Tuition Teacher 04 August 2016

    In a horrific incident, a seven-year-old girl student was thrashed with a leather belt by her tuition teacher in Bengaluru.According to the police, Bhavana , a second  class student use to go to tuition run by Latha (40). Latha is...

    Keywords: belt, belt, tuition teacher, home work

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    provident fund, provident fund, trade unions call country wide strike on feb 28, Tui

    Trade unions call Country-wide strike on Feb. 28 20 February 2012

    BMS strongly demanded that workers of all groups, both organised and unorganised, be provided a minimum wage of Rs.10, 000 per month along with all social securities such as provident fund, gratuity, pension, healthcare, and education for children. The day-long...

    Keywords: day-long country-wide strike, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, healthcare, healthcare

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    Telugu News Paper Online, Telugu headlines, an intuition or a perception, Tui

    An intuition or a perception? 08 September 2011

    We have been knowing that industry waloon ko and for all those Politicians, there would be n number of superstitions and believes prevailing. Well, as Politics is not my cup of Tea, let’s talk about Celebs of Film industry. All...

    Keywords: Metro wishesh, Telugu News Paper, Telangana News, Saksi News Headlines

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    sushil kumar, sushil kumar, former 1 crore winner gives tuition on abc of kbc, Tui

    Former 1 Crore winner gives tuition on ABC of KBC 27 November 2012

    If you think the level of your general awareness is fairly high and you do have a long cherished dream of taking advantage of it in the mega shows like "Kaun Banega Crorepati", then you better shift to Bihar from...

    Keywords: former kbc winner, kaun banega crorepati, bihar guy gives tuition on kbc, sushil kumar

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    pretty powerful tool, sixth sense, trust your gut instincts or obey your brain, Tui

    Trust Your Gut Instincts or Obey Your Brain? 02 December 2011

    Intuition. Sixth sense. Internal compass. No matter what you call it, gut feelings can be a pretty powerful tool when it comes to making important choices in your life. But in certain situations, it's better to disregard your gut and...

    Keywords: pretty powerful tool, moral dilemma, Heart your mind, Intuitive Healing

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