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    ‘Plus Sized Figure’? not much of a problem… 20 February 2012

    Not everyone is blessed with a perfect shape. Be it a result of any long term health problem or continuous usage of certain medicines of which the side effects start damaging the body or even because of our lack of...

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    RSS to Embrace Full Pants in Place of Half-Pants as Uniform 11 October 2016

    Everyone knows that volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) always had their trademark attire as khaki shorts for 90 years. Now after so many years on the eve of Dussehra and their organization formation day, RSS has decided to...

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    Sort out before spending on your Wardrobe! 02 April 2012

    Your money, your life and your wish to spend your money… at the same time, it is even necessary to maintain your earnings (your clothes bought out of your earnings)… best clothes are the statement of a ‘Best Look’, then...

    Keywords: winter trousers, look, look, spending on Wardrobe

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    How To Wear Palazzo Pants, How To Wear Palazzo Pants, the 10 best ways on how to wear palazzo pants, Trousers

    The 10 Best Ways On How To Wear Palazzo Pants 05 September 2017

    The 10 Best Ways On How To Wear Palazzo Pants:- Palazzos or Palazzo pants or Palazzo trousers are women’s loose wide-legged trousers. Palazzo trousers are cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. Palazzo Pants...

    Keywords: Women Fashion Clothing, Ways To Wear Palazzo Pants, Palazzos, How To Wear Palazzo Pants

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    Don't let winter affect your dressing sense 21 November 2012

    Winter is here to eat your bones and make you go nutts. And if you are fashion conscious who doesn't want to compromise on dressing style, there's absolutely no need to compromise on your health. You can still make look...

    Keywords: winter, winter, fashion tips in winter, winter dressing

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    Silky Kim Kardashian 02 May 2012

    You can’t evade Kim Kardashian’s charming outfit. Combined with black trousers, heels and silk top, the reality TV beauty along with Kanye West went around New York’s fashionable Meatpacking District. Inseparateble Kim and Kanye are moving around for the past...

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