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  • 'Living Goddess Kumari', 'Living Goddess Kumari', royal kumari part of the culture tourist attraction, Tourist attraction

    `Royal Kumari’ part of the culture, tourist attraction 11 January 2012

    The Kumari’s are considered as growing Goddess in Nepal. The ideal girl is a pre-pubescent girl, would grow up and shall be adored as Goddess Kali, till she attains maturity. Then she will be sent back home and another girl...

    Keywords: Royal Kumari, 'Living Goddess Kumari', Living Goddess, Nepal Culture.

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    Pattadakal, Heritage Travel, pattadakal a fusion in architecture, Tourist attraction

    Pattadakal - A Fusion In Architecture 21 July 2017

    Pattadakal - A Fusion In Architecture:- Famous for its temples and other world heritage sites depicting a fusion architectural style, Pattadakkal is located in Bijapur district of Karnataka. A town close to Aihole and Badami, and is situated on the...

    Keywords: Karnataka, Karnataka, Tourist Attraction, Architechture

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    Mahabalipuram, Tourist Attraction, the world heritage site mahabalipuram, Tourist attraction

    The World Heritage Site - Mahabalipuram 15 July 2017

    The World Heritage Site - Mahabalipuram:- Intricately rock-cut caves and carved temples can be witnessed by tourists in the beautiful place of Mahabalipuram. Along with beautiful white sand beaches, it is an exotic shopping experience to the tourists. The architecture,...

    Keywords: Heritage Travel, Mahabalipuram, Places To Visit In Mahabalipuram, Heritage Travel

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    Meghalaya's Dew Drop, Places To Visit In Cherrapunjee, meghalaya s dew drop cherrapunjee, Tourist attraction

    Meghalaya’s Dew Drop - Cherrapunjee 20 July 2017

    Meghalaya’s Dew Drop - Cherrapunjee:- Cherrapunjee is among the wettest place on the Earth. An excellent place to sit back and unwind, with its clean and pristine surroundings. With a unique climate gifted to the area, its untouched beauty and...

    Keywords: Destination Travel, Tourist Attraction, Meghalaya's Dew Drop, Tourist Attraction

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