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  • Maggi life, Funny videos, happy maggi life, Telugu short films

    Happy Maggi life 02 May 2016

    Maggi is such a food item, where even a fresher in cooking, would be able to cook it and have it for himself. So this particular food item is special in several people lives, especially, the people shown in the...

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    Parichayam short film, second marriage, what second marriage teaches, Telugu short films

    What second marriage teaches? 18 January 2016

    Not just one or two, but there are several things, that we should take care of, when it is the second marriage. The reason, because, you are already aware of what sort of problems arise and how is the life...

    Keywords: viral videos, Parichayam short film, second marriage, second marriage

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    Telugu short films, Cheating, nasty things start when heart breaks, Telugu short films

    Nasty things start, when heart breaks! 19 March 2016

    All the nasty things start in mind, when you are heart broken. Not all the times, those things would be nasty, but sometimes meaningful and right too. Here is a heart broken couple, who broke up with each other and...

    Keywords: Telugu short films, Viral videos, Telugu short films, Cheating

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    Love, Telugu short films, good or bad it s girl s choice, Telugu short films

    Good or bad: It’s girl’s choice 06 May 2016

    A good boy is needed for marrying and a bad boy is needed for loving. This is the current girls generation formula. But when the love with the bad boy, gets deeper, would she be ready to marry him or...

    Keywords: Telugu short films, viral videos, Telugu short films, viral videos

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    Telugu short films, Love, you lose but you are still a winner, Telugu short films

    You lose, but you are still a winner 13 April 2016

    You can compete in any issue with your loved ones, and if they really love you, they always wish you to win. You will never have to sound low, with your loved ones, except in competing with their love. Though...

    Keywords: Love, Telugu short films, romantic videos, romantic videos

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    Papaku Prematho, Papaku Prematho, nannaku prematho and papaku prematho difference, Telugu short films

    ‘Nannaku Prematho’ and ‘Papaku Prematho’ difference! 04 February 2016

    While ‘Nannaku Prematho’ has been tagged as Sankranthi blockbuster of the year, here comes ‘Papaku Prematho’, on the similar lines. While the first one dealt with the love on father, the second one deals with the frustration on the girl....

    Keywords: viral videos, Nannaku Prematho, Telugu short films, Nannaku Prematho

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    viral videos, viral videos, she was killed he was locked in house, Telugu short films

    She was killed, he was locked in house 23 April 2016

    His intention is to surprise his girl friend, gifting her a dog and a flower. But the things completely change, when he finds out that, she is dead, floating blood. To his bad fortune, he gets arrested in the house,...

    Keywords: Murder, Murder, Telugu short films, viral videos

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    weekend, Telugu short films, every weekend new love story, Telugu short films

    Every weekend, new love story 19 January 2016

    In the fast track world, everyone is eager to complete their works fast and do not spend much time on a single thing. Unfortunately, even the same logic is being applied in choosing their love interest. They start the relation...

    Keywords: Telugu short films, viral videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    Telugu short films, Love stories, village love story is unusual, Telugu short films

    Village love story is unusual 20 April 2016

    Not like the every day love you observe in the cities, but the real taste of the thing called love can be felt in the village. People believe such love is pure and would stay long. Especially, they are away...

    Keywords: Telugu short films, viral videos, viral videos, viral videos

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