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  • TRS, TDP, kadiam srihari arrested, Telangana agitation

    Kadiam Srihari arrested 13 June 2013

    Kadiam Srihari who recently joined TRS leaving TDP to actively participate in the Telangana agitation was arrested by Janagam police. Srihari who wanted to participate in tomorrow's Chalo Assembly program called by Telangana JAC started a day before it from...

    Keywords: Janagam police, Janagam police, Janagam police, AP Assembly

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    separate Telangana State, 'Chalo Assembly' program, chalo assembly, Telangana agitation

    Chalo Assembly 30 May 2013

    Telangana Political Joint Action Committee gave call for 'Chalo Assembly' program on 14th June.  The program is to go to Assembly in protest for Telangana.   JAC appealed to public to make the Chalo Assembly program success by participating in...

    Keywords: Telangana political JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram, Telangana agitation, JAC, 'Chalo Assembly' program

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    Telangana agitation, Telangana agitation, bheemavaram hero supports t agitation, Telangana agitation

    Bheemavaram hero supports T agitation 02 August 2012

    Comedian-turned-hero Sunil seemed to have played a clever dice in order to keep his shooting on smoothly. Recently, when some Telangana agitators tried to obstruct the shooting on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Suni intervened and said although he hails from...

    Keywords: shooting of Sunil, shooting of Sunil, Sunil, Telangana agitation

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    kiran kumar and ysr, kiran kumar cm, cm gets thumbs up for his efficiency, Telangana agitation

    CM gets thumbs up for his efficiency 21 March 2013

    Whenever the discussion comes whether Kiran Kumar Reddy (the current chief minister) can be compared to late YS Rajashekara Reddy, many from Congress and everyone from YSRC ruled out the possibilities of even comparison. But is it the same what...

    Keywords: kiran kumar efficient cm, kiran kumar cm, kiran kumar efficient cm, chief minister kiran kumar

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    KCR, K Keshava Rao, trs to grow national, Telangana agitation

    TRS to Grow National 18 June 2013

    Telangana Rashtra Samiti President K Chandrasekhara Rao revealed today that his party is going to participate in the National politics.   He said that the new coalition that is going to form will be joined in which TRS will take a...

    Keywords: TRS to Grow National, K Chandrasekhara Rao, party’s Secretary General, Telangana Rashtra Samiti

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    Telangana, Haldi dam Medak, gaddar s first comments on trs govt, Telangana agitation

    Gaddar's first comments on TRS govt 20 September 2014

    Popular singer Gaddar made his first comments on the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government after being voted into power this May. Gaddar met Telangana CM KCR's secretary Narasinga Rao and handed him a letter in which he appealed to increase the...

    Keywords: Economic policy, Telangana, Telangana, TRS government

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    Jagga Reddy, Telangana agitations, jagga reddy surrenders, Telangana agitation

    Jagga Reddy surrenders 30 August 2014

    Medak BJP candidate Jagga Reddy has surrendered himself before a local court in relation with two cases. In 2011, Jagga Reddy slapped a common man who said the ration rice that government is offering lacked quality. Fumed over this, Jagga...

    Keywords: BJP, JAC activists, BJP Jagga Reddy, BJP Jagga Reddy

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    Telangana agitation, bike rally, tension at ou, Telangana agitation

    Tension at OU 13 June 2013

    Osmania University is once again gripped by tension with Telangana issue.  In the wake of tomorrow's call of Chalo Assembly by JAC, the students organizations of OU are trying to bring out a bike rally since yesterday evening. As this...

    Keywords: Telangana agitation, Osmania University, bike rally, Chalo Assembly program

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    Telangana agitation, Telangana agitation, rosy telangana as per kcr, Telangana agitation

    Rosy Telangana as per KCR 17 May 2013

    Telangana Rashtra Samiti President K.Chandrasekhara Rao offered many boons and major improvements after separate Telangana State if formed. He says that it is possible only when TRS wins from 16 Parliament and 100 Assembly constituencies. As a chief guest in...

    Keywords: Telangana leaders, Etela Rajender, TRS 2014 elections, Telangana state

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    cpi, ou jac, cpi dharna on jan 19 demanding t state, Telangana agitation

    CPI 'Dharna' on Jan 19, demanding T state 14 January 2013

    Communist Party of India proposes a dharna demanding the Telangana state carved out of the unified Andhra Pradesh state. The secretary Narayana invited all parties to join hands at Hyderabad at Indira Park to uni-vocally, demand for the separate state....

    Keywords: congress high command, January 14, cpi, congress high command

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    Telangana, T march, peaceful t march permitted, Telangana agitation

    Peaceful T March permitted 29 September 2012

    Finally the government has given the permission to the proposed Telangana March and this could be due to various internal political reasons. But the rider is that the march must be peaceful. Though the Telangana leaders from the beginning had...

    Keywords: Telangana leaders, MP vivek, TJAC, T march

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    december 28 opinion on telangana, telangana region advocates kk, advocates stage protest in front of kk s residence, Telangana agitation

    Advocates stage protest in front of KK's residence 14 December 2012

    A large number of advocates from Telangana region have staged a protest in front of Congress senior leader KK's residence in Hyderabad. The lawyers expressed their anguish against the Centre for calling two members from each party for the all...

    Keywords: december 28 opinion on telangana, kk residence agitation telangana, telangana all party meeting, telangana all party meeting

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    Secunderabad PG College, T-JAC chairman Kodandaram to resume teaching, kodandaram resumes teaching, Telangana agitation

    Kodandaram resumes teaching 23 July 2014

    Professor Muddasani Kodanda Rama Reddy alias Telangana Joint Action Committee [T-JAC] chairman Kodandaram will resume his job as professor in Secunderabad PG college from Wednesday. Kodandaram was last seen in the college in 2010, January and later he took long...

    Keywords: Telangana Agitation, Telangana movement, T JAC, Secunderabad PG College

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    Polite-bureau member Rumala Ramachandraiah resigned, Basheerbagh press club, trs lost another leader, Telangana agitation

    TRS lost another leader 24 May 2013

    Former MP and Polite-bureau member Rumala Ramachandraiah resigned from the primary membership of Telangana Rashtra Samiti. Ramachandraiah told media persons at Basheerbagh press club today that the decision of leaving TRS was taken by him to give more focused service...

    Keywords: Telangana political JAC, Rumala Ramachandraiah resigned, Rumala Ramachandraiah resigned, Telangana political JAC

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    Chalo Assembly program, JAC leaders, telangana bund tomorrow, Telangana agitation

    Telangana Bund Tomorrow 14 June 2013

    The Telangana Rashtra Samiti President K Chandrasekhara Rao called for Telangana Bund tomorrow in protest to the arrests made by the State Government to suppress Telangana agitation. KCR said that the arrests of Prof.Kodandaram, JAC leaders, TRS leaders and party...

    Keywords: CPI Narayana, Chalo Assembly program, President K Chandrasekhara Rao, Telangana Rashtra Samiti

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    separate State of Telangana, separate State of Telangana, telangana decision in high places, Telangana agitation

    Telangana Decision In High Places 26 June 2013

    For the last few days speculations are renting the air about the Telangana Statehood as a movement in high places is witnessed and it is heard from the leaders close to the high command about the high level meetings, reviews...

    Keywords: Telangana Decision, Telangana Decision, Telangana Congress leaders, Telangana Statehood

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    CWC meeting, capital city Hyderabad, ap governor narasimhan to wield the cane in hyderabad, Telangana agitation

    AP Governor Narasimhan to wield the cane in Hyderabad 30 July 2013

    After the Congress party announces their decision on Telangana officially, what would become of the law and order in the state? And what would become of the capital city Hyderabad? AP Governor Narasimhan will have to bear the brunt of...

    Keywords: CWC meeting, Seemandhra leaders, AP Governor Narasimhan, Telangana decision

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    Telangana Congress leaders, Chief Whip Gandra Venkata Ramana, t congress leaders resolution, Telangana agitation

    T Congress Leaders' Resolution 18 June 2013

    Telangana Congress leaders met today at Exhibition Grounds.  They come to an understanding on two things.  Number one, a public meeting is to be held at Nizam College grounds on 30th June.  Second one which is a difficult one for...

    Keywords: T Congress Leaders' Resolution, party high command, party high command, Jeevan Reddy

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    religious, Telangana agitation, osmania university students claims mandirs mosques removed from campus, Telangana agitation

    Osmania University students claims mandirs, mosques removed from campus 01 May 2013

    Osmania University students have finally come up with a demand not related to the Telangana agitation but with removal of religious structures from the campus. This was not enough when the demand has become even more intense in the context...

    Keywords: Telangana Vidyarthi Vibhag, Bahujan Students' Front, Telangana Students' Association, Telangana agitation

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    telangana agitation, KCR, dosa appadam telangana, Telangana agitation

    Dosa, Appadam, Telangana 05 March 2013

    AICC emissary for the state, Vayalar Ravi is once again on the screen with debatable comments. This time, again, he has been under the spotlight for being casual about the issue of Telangana. When the media pestered him with questions...

    Keywords: AICC emissary for the state, Vayalar Ravi, AICC emissary for the state, Telangana dosa

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