• writer  sushmita banerjee, murder of an indian writer, sushmita banerjee masked and gunned, Taliban

    Sushmita Banerjee masked and gunned 10 September 2013

    The news has come into prominence from an official during Tuesday that an Afghan police arrested two militants against the murder of an Indian writer whose book about her dramatic escape from the Taliban into a Bollywood film. Absolute mournfully,...

    Keywords: murder of an indian writer, writer sushmita banerjee, paktika governor., paktika governor.

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    Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, taliban crashes pakistan military helicopter pm tops the hit list, Taliban

    Taliban crashes Pakistan military helicopter, PM tops the hit list 08 May 2015

    A Pakistan military helicopter carrying diplomats to inspect development projects crashed on Friday killing seven people, including the ambassadors of Norway and the Philippines and the wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was traveling to the...

    Keywords: Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan, Pakistan

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    Burqa for women, Burqa for women Taliban latest, burqa not mandatory for women announces taliban, Taliban

    Burqa Not Mandatory For Women Announces Taliban 18 August 2021

    Burqa Not Mandatory For Women Announces Taliban:- The horrific obtainment of the Taliban in Afghanistan left the locals scary. Lakhs of people rushed to the Kabul airport and most of them fled from the country. There are debates going on...

    Keywords: Burqa for women Taliban breaking news, Taliban Burqa, Burqa for women Taliban latest announcement, Burqa for women Taliban new rule

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    Taliban, Taliban, shut down the business or be shot dead, Taliban

    Shut down the business or be shot dead! 06 June 2015

    Jammu and Kashmir is place where the things never cease to calm down that easily. Not to the surprise of many, a newly created terrorist group ‘Tahreek Taliban’ issued a new rule, which has come out in the form of...

    Keywords: Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Muslims, Jammu and Kashmir

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    Afghanistan, Afghanistan parliament, taliban attacked afghanistan parliament, Taliban

    Taliban attacked Afghanistan Parliament 22 June 2015

    A Taliban suicide bomber and several gunmen attacked the Afghanistan parliament building. The attack shattered windows and forced the MPs to flee the building. Afghan security officials said all the politicians were safe. “A suicide bomber blew himself up just...

    Keywords: Afghanistan parliament, Afghanistan parliament, Taliban, Taliban

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    Taliban government formation, Taliban oath taking updates, taliban cancels oath taking ceremony to save money, Taliban

    Taliban Cancels Oath-Taking Ceremony To Save Money 11 September 2021

    Taliban Cancels Oath-Taking Ceremony To Save Money:- The oath-taking ceremony of the Taliban in Afghanistan was canceled which was planned to take place on September 11th. It was planned to take place on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks told...

    Keywords: Taliban oath taking updates, Taliban government, Taliban oath taking delayed, Taliban oath taking new date

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    Mullah Mohammed Omar, Terrorism, one eyed afghan taliban leader mullah mohammed omer killed two years ago, Taliban

    One eyed Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omer killed two years ago 29 July 2015

    A few days ago Afghan Taliban has issued a statement backing peace talks, claiming that it was by its supreme leader Mullah Omar, now reports have emerged claiming that the militant outfit's one-eyed leader has died. BBC has reported that,...

    Keywords: Terrorism, Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, Terrorism

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    Peshawar school, Peshawar Army school reopens, peshawar army school reopens, Taliban

    Peshawar Army School reopens 12 January 2015

    Weeks after the most inhuman Taliban attack, Peshawar Army school reopened today. The students and staff from across the country are returning to the school which was given a small break post the attack. A ceremony is being scheduled but...

    Keywords: Taliban attack Peshawar school, Taliban attack Peshawar school, Taliban attack, Peshawar school

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    Nawaz Sharif, Parachinar, taliban bombings kill 22 over 95 injured in pakistan, Taliban

    Taliban Bombings Kill 22, Over 95 Injured In Pakistan 31 March 2017

    A powerful car bomb, today exploded, near a minority Shiite Muslim place of worship, imambargah, at a busy market, in the northwest town of Parachinar, Pakistan. At least 22 people were killed and over 95 others were injured in the...

    Keywords: Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Pakistan Prime Minister, Pakistan Prime Minister, Pakistan

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    Afghanistan, Kabul Airport incident, firefight in kabul airport tensed situations all over, Taliban

    Firefight In Kabul Airport: Tensed Situations All Over 23 August 2021

    Firefight In Kabul Airport: Tensed Situations All Over:- A firefight broke out today between the Western security forces and the Afghan guards at the North Gate of the Kabul airport today. The news was clarified by the German armed forces...

    Keywords: Kabul Airport, US Troops, Kabul Airport breaking news, Afghanistan

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    Afghanistan Internal Affairs Ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi, suicide bomber attack, suicide bomber attacks police convoy kills 40 injures many, Taliban

    Suicide bomber attacks police convoy, Kills 40, injures many 30 June 2016

    A suicide bomber has attacked Afghan police convoy in Kabul, killing at least 40 people. two bombs hit the vehicles carrying police cadets on the western outskirts of the Afghan capital. Paghman District Governor Haji Mohammad Musa Khan said many...

    Keywords: suicide bomber attack, Paghman District Governor Haji Mohammad Musa Khan, Afghanistan Internal Affairs Ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi, Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid

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    Talibans Kabul articles, India and Kabul, indians evacuated from kabul indian flights cancelled, Taliban

    Indians Evacuated From Kabul: Indian Flights Cancelled 16 August 2021

    Indians Evacuated From Kabul: Indian Flights Cancelled:- After the Taliban reached Kabul on Sunday, several locals and foreign nationals rushed to the Kabul Airport to fly away from the country. The Taliban occupied the Presidential House and the President Ashraf...

    Keywords: India and Kabul, Talibans Kabul new updates, Talibans Kabul latest, Talibans Kabul videobytes

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    Kabul Airport Blast news, Kabul Airport Blast, kabul airport blast more than 100 killed, Taliban

    Kabul Airport Blast: More Than 100 Killed 27 August 2021

    Kabul Airport Blast: More than 100 Killed:- After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there are tense situations all over. The Kabul airport is under the control of US forces and several Afghans along with the foreigners flew away from the...

    Keywords: Kabul Airport Blast dead, Kabul Airport Blast videos, Kabul Airport Blast news, USA in Afghanistan

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    GGR Hammer Award, GGR Hammer Award, malala yousafzai is the mightiest asian in uk, Taliban

    Malala Yousafzai is the mightiest Asian in UK 28 November 2013

    Young Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai has been declared as the most influential Asian in UK. The teen rebel was honored with the title last evening at GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards in the United Kingdom. Malala along with her two...

    Keywords: GGR Hammer Award, Malala Yousafzai is the mightiest Asian in UK, GGR Hammer Award, Malala Yousafzai

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    Malala Yousafzai, Taliban Gunmen, nobel prize laureate malala yousafzai joins twitter, Taliban

    Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai Joins Twitter 08 July 2017

    Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai Joins Twitter:- Nobel Prize Laureate and the Pakistani campaigner who survived being shot in the head by Taliban gunmen, Malala Yousafzai, has joined Twitter, reported the media. The 19-year-old sent her first tweets using the...

    Keywords: Taliban Gunmen, Joins Twitter, Nobel Prize Laureate, Joins Twitter

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    Narendra Modi, Shiv Sena, shiv sena warns taliban, Taliban

    Shiv Sena warns Taliban 07 November 2014

    Shiv Sena has warned terror group Taliban which has targeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shiv Sena supported the PM on his Hindutva stand and warned the terror group against crossing path with him. Taliban has threaten Modi that it...

    Keywords: Shiv Sena BJP, Maharashtra, Shiv Sena BJP, Shiv Sena BJP

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    Joe Biden news, Joe Biden breaking news, kabul evacuation is the most difficult in history says joe biden, Taliban

    Kabul Evacuation is the most difficult in History says Joe Biden 21 August 2021

    Kabul Evacuation is the most difficult in History says Joe Biden:- The situation in Afghanistan changed completely after the Taliban took over the country. The USA has been dealing with the issue and is having a tough time. American President...

    Keywords: Joe Biden latest updates, Joe Biden social media, Joe Biden about Taliban, Joe Biden latest speech

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    Taliban, Taliban, most students hit on head, Taliban

    Most students hit on head 17 December 2014

    In one of the most horrifying attack on children, the ruthless Talibans shot most of the students on head from point blank range during the attack on the Army Public school in Peshawar. So far 144 have been reported killed...

    Keywords: Taliban attack students, Peshawar killing, Pakistan Army school, Peshawar killing

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    tribal areas in Pakistan, Talibans, talibans attack pak army school, Taliban

    Talibans attack Pak army school 16 December 2014

    Taliban militants group attacked army run school in Peshwar, Pakistan and at least 12 students were reported dead and 500 students held hostages. As many as five to six gunman entered the Army public school and huge gunfire could be...

    Keywords: Waziristan, Army Public school, tribal areas in Pakistan, tribal areas in Pakistan

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    Talibans, 100 students killed by Taliban, terrorists kill 100 students, Taliban

    Terrorists kill 100 students 16 December 2014

    In what can be called the most inhuman action, Talibans have 100 students who have rammed into a Army Public school in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Home Ministry of Pakistan has confirmed that the militants have killed 100 students and about...

    Keywords: Peshawar Army Public school, Pakistan terrorist attack, Talibans, Peshawar Army Public school

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