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  • suicide note of Pawan Kumar, Bangalore techie, bangalore techie left a suicide note, Suicide note

    Bangalore techie left a suicide note 29 June 2012

    The suspicious death of techie from Bangalore in the United States took a new turn on Friday as US police stated that technie, Pawan Kumar left a suicide note in his room in New Jersey. Delaware Police in New Delhi...

    Keywords: suicide note of Pawan Kumar, New Jersey, Pawan Kumar, Bangalore techie

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    Police Circle Inspector of Medak, K.Subhakar, fan or fanatic, Suicide note

    Fan or fanatic? 30 May 2013

    A sad incident happened in Gandhinagar, Medak.  K.Subhakar who married only 14 days ago committed suicide on Tuesday night that came to be known on Wednesday. Subhakar (28) demanded YS Jagan's release in his suicide note.  On inquiry it is...

    Keywords: YSRCP, demanded Jagan’s release, Police Circle Inspector of Medak, YSRCP

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    Rishiteshwari second suicide note, Rishiteshwari diary, rishiteshwari case enquiry on fire sweat to culprits, Suicide note

    Rishiteshwari case: Enquiry on fire, sweat to culprits 07 August 2015

    Making the inquiry deeper, more facts are coming out of Rishiteshwari case, which is cornering principal and other students further.The officials now eyed on Rishiteshwari cell phone data. As per the information found from the cell phone, on the before...

    Keywords: FSL Rishiteshwari, Rishiteshwari suicide case, Rishiteshwari second suicide note, Rishiteshwari second suicide note

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    Raj Travels, Lalith Seth, raj travels owner kills himself, Suicide note

    Raj Travels owner kills himself 02 August 2012

    Private travels' major, Raj Travels owner Lalith Seth has allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday by jumping into the sea in Central Mumbai. The incident came to light when the driver of Lalith Seth noticed a big sound and realized his...

    Keywords: Lalith Seth, suicide note, Lalith Seth, Lalith Seth

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    Preity Zinta, cousin suicide, actress preity zinta s cousin nitin chauhan commits suicide, Suicide note

    Actress Preity Zinta’s Cousin Nitin Chauhan Commits Suicide 03 December 2016

    In a shocking incident, Bollywood actress Preity Zinta's cousin Nitin Chauhan committed suicide on Friday morning leaving behind two suicide notes. Nitin was living in Shimla.According to the reports, he shot himself in the head with a pistol. A vehicle...

    Keywords: Suicide notes, Bollywood, Suicide notes, Nitin Chauhan

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    jiah khan's time didn’t support her, suraj pancholi, truism gets revealed, Suicide note

    Truism gets revealed! 13 June 2013

    The actuality have been brought into prominence by two Bollywood families desperately broken their muteness over the suicide of young actress Jiah Khan subsequent to police seized  Suraj Pancholi over imputation of guilt that his manner of behaving had deliberately...

    Keywords: physically and emotionally tortured, bollywood actress jiah khan death, truism gets revealed, actress jiah khan suicide

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    Gopal Kanda, Haryana, haryana minister charged for abetting air hostess suicide, Suicide note

    Haryana Minister charged for abetting air-hostess' suicide 06 August 2012

    Gopal Kanda, minister of Haryana, was mentioned in the suicide note of a former air-hostess. Following this incident Delhi Police have registered a case of abetting a suicide against Kanda after which he had resigned to the ministry. Geetika Sharma,...

    Keywords: suicide note, Haryana, resignation, Haryana

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    Jiah Khan love story, Jiah Khan mother, jiah khan s suicide note, Suicide note

    Jiah Khan's Suicide Note 10 June 2013

    Suicide note of the Hindi film actress Jiah Khan who hanged herself to death last week revealed shocking news about the cause of her death. She underwent an abortion! The fallowing is the extract of the suicide note which is...

    Keywords: Jiah Khan love story, Jiah Khan lover, Jiah Khan death case, Jiah Khan suicide letter

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    Rishiteshwari fresh suicide note, Rishiteshwari fresh suicide note, rishiteshwari another suicide note found, Suicide note

    Rishiteshwari another suicide note found 04 August 2015

    Yes, along with Rishiteshwari first suicide note in which, she specified the basic details, there is even another suicide note, which Rishiteshwari wrote and is found now.On the fresh suicide note, Rishiteshwari specified many details and the situations, she faced...

    Keywords: Rishiteshwari fresh suicide note, Rishiteshwari fresh suicide note, Rishiteshwari fresh suicide note, Rishiteshwari suicide note

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    Rishiteshwari, Rishiteshwari, who is mr x in rishiteshwari suicide note, Suicide note

    Who is Mr.X in Rishiteshwari suicide note? 05 August 2015

    Rishiteshwari suicide case is getting viral day by day and as of now, the fresh suicide note, found yesterday is paving the way for many doubts in the case.In the beginning, only a basic suicide note, which was found on...

    Keywords: Rishiteshwari case, Rishiteshwari second suicide note, Rishiteshwari case, Rishiteshwari

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