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  • Kissing, good kiss, benefits of kissing you must know, Stress reliever

    Benefits of Kissing You Must Know 01 May 2012

    A good smooch can end a fight, relieve stress, strengthen your bond. Lean right: About two-thirds of all humans, male and female, left- and right- handed, tilt their heads to the right when kissing. End a fight: Men think that...

    Keywords: foot pop, good kiss, about Kissing, Kissing

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    Sage, Chamomile, green tea that help relieve stressa, Stress reliever

    Green tea That Help Relieve Stressa 08 October 2012

    You must have heard of many stress reliever exercises and foods. But there are also some herbs that help you to relieve stress and makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is very important to remain free from stress for...

    Keywords: Lavender, many stress reliever exercises and foods, Green tea Help Relieve Stressa,

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    breathing exercises, most popular stress relievers, why you should do breathing exercises, Stress reliever

    Why you should do breathing exercises 17 October 2012

     Breathing exercises are among the most popular stress relievers. Not only do they work swiftly, they require very little practise and you can do them anywhere. Here's why you should opt for them... - Stress is known to wreak havoc...

    Keywords: little practise and you can do them anywhere, most popular stress relievers, breathing exercises, little practise and you can do them anywhere

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