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  • twitter, electronic communication, happy birthday sms, Social networking sites

    Happy Birthday SMS 03 December 2012

    After the first SMS, "Merry Christmas", which was sent from a PC to a mobile phone back in 1992, this method of communication boomed shortly after six years becoming the prime mode of messaging between the youth who are short...

    Keywords: twitter, social networking sites, merry christmas, SMS

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    samantha free time, samantha ruth prabhu ye maya chesave, samantha loves badminton, Social networking sites

    Samantha loves badminton? 14 February 2013

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu-this name is the most happening one not just on big screen but even on social networking websites. Samantha, who entered Telugu film industry with Ye Maya Chesave, has really did some magic to the people as she...

    Keywords: samantha badminton, samantha free time, samantha badminton, samantha free time

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    latest news on ektha kapoor, anisha sharma, ekta kapoor s tells an old man to f k off, Social networking sites

    Ekta Kapoor's tells an old man to F**k off! 15 December 2012

    On Friday Ekta Kapoor was all over the social networking sites, especially the microblogging site, Twitter. No she was not making a new movie or a soap. She told an elderly person to F**k off since he was in her...

    Keywords: news on ekta kapoor, ektha kapoor, anisha sharma, social networking sites

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    rich search experience, Knowledge Graph, search engines at war releasing more features, Social networking sites

    Search engines at war releasing more features 17 May 2012

    Users to benefit as competitors enhance features to lure more loyalists. This is the USP of business and seems to be catching up hot in the search engine segment too. On May 15 the Microsoft changed the interface of its...

    Keywords: Knowledge Graph, rich search experience, Social networking sites, Google

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    Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Social networking sites, gabbar singh tastes the criticism, Social networking sites

    'Gabbar Singh' tastes the criticism... 28 May 2012

    Right from the Politicians to the celebs, all the well known people seeing both the sides of the coin in their life has become a common aspect... okay, I would stop being Philosophical now... but, baath yeh hai ki, the...

    Keywords: Pawan dialogues, Pawan dialogues, Gabbar Singh, Social networking sites

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    viral videos, online friends, practical experiment threat from online friends, Social networking sites

    Practical experiment: Threat from online friends 11 August 2015

    “See you tomorrow, happy to meet you, after long time I met you.” The meaning for the dialogues like these are changing day by day. ‘See you tomorrow’ means ‘I will chat with you tomorrow’ online. ‘Happy to meet you’...

    Keywords: online friends, viral videos, online friends, online friends

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    Facebook, Orkut., indian armymen told to leave all social networking sites, Social networking sites

    Indian Armymen told to leave all social networking sites 27 January 2012

    In New Delhi on January 26 Indian Army has announced orders for all the officers and other ranks in the beginning who had linked with social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut to right away leave them, and also said that...

    Keywords: Orkut., Indian Armymen, Indian Armymen, Indian Armymen

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    cyber crime, hacking, 540 twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours, Social networking sites

    540 Twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours 12 May 2012

    Hacking attacks are becoming global threat and especially people are worried over the hacking of social networking sites. In a similar incident, as many as 540 Twitter accounts were hacked within 48 hours across the globe. The antivirus and firewall...

    Keywords: Kaspersky, 540 Twitter accounts hacked, Twitter, cyber crime

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