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  • sleep intimacy associated with sleep disorders, sleep disorders linked to intimacy problems, sexomnia now prevalent in bedrooms, Sleep disorders

    ‘Sexomnia’ now prevalent in bedrooms 29 June 2015

    According to the study by Guy Meadows of The Sleep School and Bensons for Beds it was revealed that one in ten had ‘sexomnia’ during sleep. “Sexomnia” is a condition where a person engages in sexual activity during sleep.For the...

    Keywords: sleep disorders linked to sexomnia, sleep intimacy associated with sleep disorders, sexomnia, sexomnia

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    depressive symptoms, University of Basel, teenagers should keep away from smartphones, Sleep disorders

    Teenagers should keep away from smartphones 03 February 2015

    The researchers from University of Basel in Switzerland reported that teenagers spend more time on their smartphone, especially during nights which may affect their sleep and noticed an increase risk of depressive symptoms. The study was performed observing over 300...

    Keywords: sleep disorders, poor sleep in teens, depressive symptoms, University of Basel

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    Professor Richard Wiseman, cars sounds, for positive dreams sleep in chaos, Sleep disorders

    For positive dreams sleep in chaos 18 June 2012

    One thing that drove me crazy was of course the fact is that sleeping amidst chaotic sounds give one  a positive dreams. Ridiculous but true as per researchers. Car horns and commuters sounds release wonderful dreams of accomplishement say sources....

    Keywords: Professor Richard Wiseman, rem, rem, positive dreams

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    sleep disorders, Sleep Disorders Service, the pros and cons of napping, Sleep disorders

    The Pros and Cons of Napping 28 December 2011

    Getting some sleep, even a short afternoon nap, may seem like a good thing for people with sleep disorders. But for those with insomnia and an already decreased desire to sleep at night, midday shut-eye can actually be counterproductive. So...

    Keywords: afternoon nap, sleep disorders, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda University Medical Center

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