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    For a pink lips, that enhance your beauty... 28 August 2012

    Dark lips aren't necessarily a bad thing! Everyone has a different natural lip color-it's as varied as skin color. Some people have pink lips, others have lips that are light, but others are darker. And dark can be beautiful! You...

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    Complexion Perfection 03 September 2010

    So you want the flawless skin you see on models every time you open a magazine? Even though computers airbrush skin to perfection in photographs, there is a little makeup artist trick I will share with you.Look at the perfect...

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    Beauty Tips, Skin problems, variety of skin problems, Skin color

    variety of skin problems.. 25 April 2012

    Till date all we have knowledge about skin problems could be our skin affected with pimples, dark circles under our eyes and even the pigmentation problems… let us know to what more extent we could be infected with the variety...

    Keywords: Skin problems, Skin Color, Mackup tips, Types of Skin problems

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    Tips for Choose your best Clothing Colors 15 March 2012

    Everyone wants to look presentable and that is why we spend so much time trying to choose the right clothes, the right hairstyle or the right accessories. But regardless of how perfectly well your hair or that pattern suits you,...

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