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    SHE Teams roar in Hyderabad 02 July 2015

    ‘SHE Teams’ are eyeing on every busy centre in Hyderabad and has already caught red handed, a number of eve-teasers teasing the women across the city.Upon the several complaints on the eve teasers, the government had finally introduced ‘SHE Teams’...

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    Hyderabad SHE Teams Arrest 23 Youths 15 July 2016

    Hyderabad SHE teams in have arrested 23 youths for pestering ladies from various parts of the city. As indicated by the police, N. Reddy Kiran and K. Ramesh, both 23, used to sell SIM cards. They were bugging ladies by...

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    SHE teams latest, SHE teams, she teams launch special campaign against women harassment, She teams

    SHE Teams Launch Special Campaign Against Women Harassment 22 June 2018

    SHE Teams Launch Special Campaign Against Women Harassment:- SHE teams have been launched to control the harassment against women in the city. Now a new campaign has been launched against harassment of women in public transport. The campaign has been...

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    SHE teams, harassing, she teams arrest 24 youths for harassing women in cyberabad, She teams

    SHE Teams Arrest 24 Youths for Harassing Women in Cyberabad 06 June 2016

    Around 24 youths aged between 18 and 30 were arrested by Cyberabad SHE teams in the last two weeks. According to the police, five of the youths have been sent to judicial custody. Other Thirties were counselled on Saturday.60 SHE teams...

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