• Sensex, BSE, sensex surges 121 points, Sensex

    Sensex surges 121 points 13 July 2016

    Market benchmark BSE Sensex progressed about 121 points to 27,928.76 in early trade today. China's Shanghai Composite index rose 0.29 per cent. The NSE index Nifty climbed 29.20 points to 8,550.25. However, retail inflation inching up to a 22-month high...

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    Nifty, Bombay Stock Exchange, sensex hits record high, Sensex

    Sensex hits record high 02 July 2014

    The Bombay Stock Exchange and Nifty hit record high amid the pre-budget rally. There has been positive indications from the government for the past couple of days and so the investors are very enthusiastic. Sensex closed at 25,841 points while...

    Keywords: Rupee Gained over Dollar, Rupee Gained over Dollar, Sensex hits record high, BSE

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    market, market, sensex rise over 136 points, Sensex

    Sensex rise over 136 points 15 June 2016

    BSE Sensex rise over 136 points in early trade today on fresh round of value buying by investors amid positive cues from other Asian markets. The 30-share index, which had lost almost 625 points in the previous four sessions, recovered...

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    Food Security Bill, Gold rate going up, rupee comes down to finance minister s age, Sensex

    Rupee Comes Down to Finance Minister's Age 28 August 2013

    Indian Rupee made a record fall nowadays every day.   The Exchange rate now has come down to such a low level that we have shell down Rupees 68.70 to get 1 American Dollar and the number is equal to the...

    Keywords: Gold rate going up, SENSEX and NIFTY Down by 400 points, Finance Minister Chidambaram, Gold rate going up

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    Bombay Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, stock markets end with gains, Sensex

    Stock Markets end with gains 18 July 2014

    The Stock Markets have extended their rally for fourth consecutive day and ended high compared to last week. The Bombay Stock Exchange gained 80 points today finishing at 25,641 while Nifty closed above 7,600 at 7,6643 points. Tata Consultancy Services...

    Keywords: Bombay Stock Exchange Gains, Quick News, Stock Markets end with gains, Stock Markets

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    mid-quarter policy by RBI, NSE, rajan s maiden policy review hits stock market, Sensex

    Rajan's maiden policy review hits stock market 20 September 2013

    Stock markets today declined rapidly by 2.7 per cent soon subsequent to the Reserve Bank's advocating war policy announcement in which it moved up the repurchase agreement rate by 0.25 per cent.  In fact, the stock market barometer BSE Sensex,...

    Keywords: National Stock Exchange, Indian stock markets, Chief Strategist at SMC Global Securities, Nifty

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    Exit Poll results on Sensex, Exit Poll results on Sensex, sensex soars to 24 000, Sensex

    Sensex soars to 24,000 13 May 2014

    The Bombay Stock Exchange has hit an all time high of 24,000 for the first time ever. With the Exit Poll results favoring BJP led NDA in the National capital, the stock markets have beening cruising at jet speed. Nifty...

    Keywords: Nifty, stock markets, Sensex soars to 24, Exit Poll results

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    BSE, BSE, sensex ends above 25 000, Sensex

    Sensex ends above 25,000 05 June 2014

    The Bombay Stock Exchange which has touched 25,000 mark couple of times, could not maintain consistency. However, for the first time the BSE ended above 25K points while the Nifty too is nearing the 7,500 mark. Rupee also gained and...

    Keywords: Sensex ends above 25000, BSE, Bombay Stock Exchange, Sensex ends above 25000

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    BJP, Nifty, sensex hits 25 000, Sensex

    Sensex hits 25,000 16 May 2014

    Like the BJP, Stock markets are cruising. The Bombay Stock Exchange hit 25,000 points and made a history while Indian Rupee is trading strong. Probably after an year Rupee hit below 59 against dollar.

    Keywords: BJP, Sensex hits 25000, BJP, Sensex

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    Dollar, Dollar, sensex falls after record highs, Sensex

    Sensex falls after record highs 22 April 2014

    The Sensex ended flat after hitting record high. BSE was down by six points and stood at 22758 points while Nifty was down with two points at 6815 points. Rupee also depreciated for the second day in a row and...

    Keywords: Quick News, Quick News, Rupee, Sensex

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    Quick News, Sensex, sensex falls over 350 points, Sensex

    Sensex falls over 350 points 13 June 2014

    The Bombay Stock Exchange and Nifty ended in huge losses and Oil, gas stocks got more affected with the situation of Iraq. This is biggest loss of the stock markets in the NDA government. BSE closed at 25228 points while...

    Keywords: gas stocks, Quick News, stock markets, Quick News

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    Indian Rupee, Stock market, sensex opens strong crosses 25k, Sensex

    Sensex opens strong, crosses 25K 26 May 2014

    The Bombay Stock Exchange made a good opening to the week and crossed 25,000 points for the second time. On the day of Election results, the Stock market for the first time touched 25K but later fell and as today...

    Keywords: Modi's swearing ceremony, Sensex, Election results on Sensex, Indian Rupee

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    Nifty, Sensex, sensex shines after week, Sensex

    Sensex shines after week 15 July 2014

    The stock markets breathed easy after six long days. Post Railway Budget and main budget, the stocks were under severe pressure and eventually traded in negative. The Bombasy Stock Exchange again passed 25,000 mark and closed at 25,228 gaining 221...

    Keywords: Bombasy Stock Exchange passed 25, Sensex, Bombasy Stock Exchange passed 25, Rupee

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    Sensex News, election results on Sensex, sensex hits all time high, Sensex

    Sensex hits all time high 09 May 2014

    The BSE Sensex surged over 700 points to a record high of 23,048 on Friday, while the Nifty also hit an all-time high of 6,871, rising over 200 points. With election results hardly week away, Traders are sensing a victory...

    Keywords: Sensex News, Sensex News, Sensex hits all time high, Quick News

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    BSE, Sensex gains, sensex gains 300 points, Sensex

    Sensex gains 300 points 17 June 2014

    It was a relief for the stock markets as they closed with gaining over 300 points. With Iraq crisis, the markets were completely down and the inflation added fuel to the fire. However, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan's response on inflation...

    Keywords: Rupee, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Sensex gains, Iraq crisis

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    Stock Markets, Stock Markets, stock markets were closed due to election, Sensex

    Stock Markets were closed due to election 24 April 2014

    Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] and National Stock Exchange [NSE] were closed on Thursday as Mumbai city is taking part in the election process. The trading will resume on Friday.

    Keywords: Sensex, National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Stock Markets

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    Rupee slips past 60, rise of crude oil prices, rupee slips past 60, Sensex

    Rupee slips past 60 16 June 2014

    The Indian Rupee is trading weak and after a month, it breached 60 against Dollar. Disruption in supply due to crisis in Iraq has led to rise of crude oil prices and which is resulting in weaker Rupee. Iraq is...

    Keywords: crisis in Iraq, Quick news, Sensex, rise of crude oil prices

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    Business news, Tamilnadu elections result sensex sun TV, sensex figures threatening sun tv, Sensex

    Sensex figures threatening Sun TV 19 May 2016

    Today, the Sensex was traded 0.5 percent lower and the Nifty is below 7850, as investors scrambled to factor in a near-term US interest rate hike.Adding to it, even the rupee traded at over two-month low, below 67 per dollar.In...

    Keywords: Sensex sun tv, Tamilnadu elections result sensex sun TV, Business news, Tamilnadu elections result sensex sun TV

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    JP Associates, JP Associates, sensex jumps 400 points, Sensex

    Sensex jumps 400 points 07 March 2014

    After the Elections Schedule announcement the Stock markets are rallying at super speed. On  Friday the Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] jumped 400 points and and hit a record high of 21,960.89. The Sensex ended at 21,920, up 406 points, while...

    Keywords: JP Associates, Indian Rupee value, BSE IT Index, India Business News

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    HCL net profits, Stock Exchange, hcl shows good q2 results shares climb, Sensex

    HCL shows good Q2 results, shares climb 16 January 2014

    HCL Technologies has crossed the estimated profits by 5.7 percent for the quarter ended December 31. A net profit of Rupees 1,496 crore against a net profit of Rs 1,416 crore in the previous quarter has been consolidated by the...

    Keywords: Nifty, shares of HCL Technologies, HCL shows good Q2 results, HCL shows good Q2 results

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