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  • mago thandai preparation, how to prepare mango thandai, preparation of mango thandai, Refreshing drinks

    Preparation of Mango Thandai 26 June 2015

    Mango thandai is a refreshing monsoon drink prepared in a simple way. Most of us love to have this drink in the rainy season. By using the following method of preparation, prepare this at your home and enjoy its delicious...

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    tasty asian drinks, tasty asian drinks, recipe gulab phirni, Refreshing drinks

    Recipe: Gulab Phirni 07 August 2015

    Gulab Phirni is a delicious Asian recipe drinks prepared in a simple way by thickening milk with rice flour and flavored with cardamom, saffron, rose water and rose petal powder. It is served in mitti ke kasore. Follow the method...

    Keywords: tasty asian drinks, Gulabi phirni method of preparation, tasty asian drinks, how to prepare gulbai phirni

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