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  • viral videos, Strangers following, prank strangers follow you, Prank videos

    Prank: Strangers follow you 02 March 2016

    How threatened you would be, when one person is continuously following you in the public places. If that is the case with just one person, what it would be, if a huge group of people, continuously follows you, wherever you...

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    viral videos, prank videos, prank woman smells public hands, Prank videos

    Prank: Woman smells public hands 01 April 2016

    Coming out of a pubic wash room, how would it be, when someone holds you hands and say, they are smelling bad and ask you to wash it. Bit awkward, bit funny, bit weird right? Here is a small prank...

    Keywords: viral videos, Woman smells, prank videos, Woman smells

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    Sperm donation, viral videos, couple asking for sperm donation, Prank videos

    Couple asking for sperm donation 12 April 2016

    A doctor’s daughter would be doctor and a lawyer’s son would be a lawyer. This is strongly believed to be true in a few of the Indian families. Taking that point, a prank is played by a couple, asking public,...

    Keywords: prank videos, Sperm donation, viral videos, funny videos

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    viral videos, prank videos, ghost in the dance room, Prank videos

    Ghost in the dance room 20 May 2016

    How would it be, when you enter into a big dark hall and upon switching on the lights, something wearing white cloth over it, pretending to be ghost, following you making threatening sounds. A similar prank is played on the...

    Keywords: prank videos, viral videos, prank videos, prank videos

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    viral videos, Aunty, what if girls are called aunties, Prank videos

    What if girls are called ‘aunties’ 05 May 2016

    WTF. This is the one word, one utter, when some stranger calls you ‘Aunty’. Age is something that matters to everyone. Especially the girls never wanted to be women and even wishes the world to recognize them as the age-less...

    Keywords: viral videos, funny videos, prank videos, prank videos

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    Blind granny missing, viral videos, prank blind granny missing, Prank videos

    Prank: Blind granny missing 07 May 2016

    OMG, the old blind lady, fell into the open well, can anyone rescue? While you are requesting someone for the help, the naughty granny walks from behind and goes along with her husband. Also read: Person pretending to be clay A...

    Keywords: viral videos, Blind granny missing, prank videos, prank videos

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    Girls phone number, Girls phone number, what all you do to get a girl s number, Prank videos

    What all you do to get a girl’s number? 12 May 2016

    You can praise her, she smiles, you can flirt her, she will enjoy inside, you can make her laugh loud, but still she thinks twice to give you her phone number. Here is a guy, who does all the flirty...

    Keywords: viral videos, prank videos, Girls phone number, viral videos

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    viral videos, viral videos, british royal guard and granny prank, Prank videos

    British royal guard and granny prank 24 February 2016

    Sometimes, you feel sorry for someone who is taking beatings from the others. But how do you react, if at all those beatings are just for fun. Here is one such prank played by a granny and a person pretending...

    Keywords: prank videos, prank videos, viral videos, british royal guard

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    prank videos, viral videos, threatening girlfriend s brother using stranger s phone, Prank videos

    Threatening girlfriend’s brother, using stranger’s phone 13 February 2016

    Beware of strangers on the road not just because, they steal your things, but also because, they try to put you in threat. Here is a man, who seeks the strangers, their phone and threatens his girlfriend’s brother, calling him....

    Keywords: pranks, prank videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    Ghost prank, Ghost prank, ghosts you don t believe but still fear, Prank videos

    Ghosts: you don’t believe, but still fear 02 April 2016

    “I do not believe ghost. I don’t think ghosts will exist. I don’t even scare for ghosts. Ghosts, my foot.” These are the dialogues we generally hear from the people around, regarding the ghosts. But practically, I don’t think no...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, viral videos, Ghost prank

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    funny videos, viral videos, prank gone totally wrong, Prank videos

    Prank gone totally wrong 29 January 2016

    Along with the several other things in the world, even the fun should have the limits. Otherwise the things just go wrong, as shown in the viral video below. Sometimes, even though we keep on saying that, it is just...

    Keywords: funny videos, Prank videos, Prank videos, Prank videos

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    prank videos, girlfriend exchange prank, prank girlfriend exchange for 1 night, Prank videos

    Prank: Girlfriend exchange for 1 night 04 March 2016

    How dare you ask that? This is one word you say, when you come across some stranger, asking for some B grade support? What might a B grade support be? May be asking a girl for some sexual pleasures, I...

    Keywords: girlfriend exchange prank, girlfriend exchange prank, funny videos, funny videos

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    Prank videos, viral videos, prank you killed him, Prank videos

    Prank: You killed him! 26 February 2016

    You cannot predict every single minute in life. Sometimes, you unknowingly get stuck into that serious issues, where you never even dreamt of. Keeping that point in mind, here is a prank played on the public, who without their knowledge,...

    Keywords: Prank videos, funny videos, Prank videos, funny videos

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    prank videos, food, prank eating food from stranger s plate, Prank videos

    Prank: Eating food from stranger’s plate 01 March 2016

    How awkward it would be, when you watch some stranger coming to you and eat food from your plate? How do you actually react? What actually comes out of your mouth in that shock? Also read: Ask public their ATM and...

    Keywords: prank videos, prank videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    funny videos, prank videos, person pretending to be clay, Prank videos

    Person pretending to be clay 11 April 2016

    The minute you spot some clay, it makes you remind some brilliant creatures, people make with it. That thought does not stop you from doing some experiment on the clay. But once imagine, how awkward it would be, if the...

    Keywords: funny videos, Clay, Clay, Clay

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    thought provoking videos, thought provoking videos, girls behind rich prank proves again, Prank videos

    Girls behind rich, prank proves again 25 May 2016

    If you are zero, people stay away from you, but if you are a hero, they surround you in no time. This logic can be best proved in a girlfriend case. Here is such a prank played on a stranger...

    Keywords: viral videos, prank videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    TV prank, prank videos, prank broken friend s tv, Prank videos

    Prank: Broken friend’s TV 23 February 2016

    A guy here is staying at his friend’s house alone. Thought of doing some naughty things with him, the guy plays a prank saying that his (house owner) TV was broken. How did the owner react to it and what...

    Keywords: prank videos, TV prank, TV prank, TV prank

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    viral videos, Gun prank, gun prank killer on road, Prank videos

    Gun prank: Killer on road 08 February 2016

    Watching violence in the films, that too, your favorite star doing it in a stylish way, could give you goose bumps and immense of happiness. But how it would be, if you came across killers creating violence on the public...

    Keywords: prank videos, viral videos, Gun prank, viral videos

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    prank videos, viral videos, prank proves football has other uses too, Prank videos

    Prank proves football has other uses too 10 February 2016

    Using the football for the purpose you already know, is an old one. As the world is getting upgraded, why not upgrade yourself, by using the same old football, in several new ways. Here are the few people, who use...

    Keywords: viral videos, Football, viral videos, prank videos

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    viral videos, prank videos, tiffin box bomb prank, Prank videos

    Tiffin box bomb prank 11 May 2016

    “Beware of the tiffin boxes in the public, left undisturbed for longer hours!” You know the reason behind the above warning. Taking this knowledge of the public into consideration, a prank is played on them. A guy leaves a tiffin...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, Bomb prank, prank videos

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