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  • Guntur Gold Robbery, old lady Kamalamma, old ladies attacked for gold, Police investigation

    Old ladies attacked for gold 17 July 2013

    Two ladies Kamalamma (87) and her daughter Shyama Sundari (60) residing in Brindavan Gardens at Guntur were attacked by a plumber Rajesh.  Kamalamma died in the attack and Shyama Sundari is hospitalized.  As per the details given by the police,...

    Keywords: Man Attacked for gold, daughter Shyama Sundari, daughter Shyama Sundari, Plumber attacked in Guntur

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    shirdi temple, shirdi temple in maharastra, bomb threat to shirdi, Police investigation

    Bomb threat to Shirdi! 21 December 2012

    After the execution of the sole surviving militant in the 26/11 Mumbai case, Ajmal Kasab there have been instances of the militant agencies vowing to destroy peace in this nation, avenging his death. But nothing much happened, in spite of...

    Keywords: threats in shirdi temple, shirdi temple, strong security, threats in shirdi temple

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    Police Investigations in Patna Blasts, Narendra Modi's Hoonkar Sabha, progress in patna blasts investigations, Police investigation

    Progress in Patna Blasts Investigations 29 October 2013

    Four persons were arrested by the police in the case of serial blasts at Patna in and around the venue of "Hoonkar Sabha" of Narendra Modi BJP's Prime Ministerial Candidate- Mohammad Imtiaz Ansari, Mohammad Tarique Ansari, Mohammad Toufique Ansari and...

    Keywords: serial blasts at Patna, serial blasts at Patna, serial blasts in Hoonkar Sabha of Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi's Hoonkar Sabha

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    Pon Kamaraj, AIDMK, andhra girl abducted by aidmk leader, Police investigation

    Andhra girl abducted by AIDMK leader 03 June 2013

    Pon Kamaraj (44) was arrested today in the early hours on the charge of abduction and rape of a 17 year minor girl from Andhra.   The arrest was followed by the investigation of the police after the arrests of Asha...

    Keywords: Pon Kamaraj, AIDMK leader, AIDMK, AIDMK leader

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    Ravi Prakash case, Ravi Prakash case, ravi prakash skips police investigation, Police investigation

    Ravi Prakash Skips Police Investigation 10 May 2019

    Ravi Prakash Skips Police Investigation:- Tv9 CEO Ravi Prakash made it to the headlines yesterday after he faced allegations of forgery and missing. Some of the media houses even reported that his passport has been seized to prevent him from...

    Keywords: Ravi Prakash missing, Ravi Prakash investigation, Ravi Prakash investigation, Ravi Prakash case

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    chaitanaya resorts, Hyderabad resorts, flesh trade racket busted in hyd resorts, Police investigation

    Flesh trade racket busted in Hyd resorts! 26 January 2013

    Hyderabad police busted a massive flesh trade racket after a sting operation on the resorts in the outskirts of the state capital. Several reports have been emerging off late about the flourishing skin trade in the resorts which are aloof...

    Keywords: police alert, police investigation, chaitanaya resorts, andhra pradesh

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    National Investigation Agency, ISIS, nia grills two in coimbatore for supporting isis on social media, Police investigation

    NIA Grills Two In Coimbatore For Supporting ISIS On Social Media 04 August 2017

    NIA Grills Two In Coimbatore For Supporting ISIS On Social Media:- According to police sources, two people in Coimbatore were questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). It was reported that the duo were allegedly supporting the Islamic State (ISIS)...

    Keywords: National Investigation Agency, Social Media, National Investigation Agency, Social Media

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