• Kaspersky, cyber crime, 540 twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours, Phishing

    540 Twitter accounts hacked in 48 hours 12 May 2012

    Hacking attacks are becoming global threat and especially people are worried over the hacking of social networking sites. In a similar incident, as many as 540 Twitter accounts were hacked within 48 hours across the globe. The antivirus and firewall...

    Keywords: phishing, social networking sites, Kaspersky, Twitter

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    Phishing Scam next, Phishing Scam Hyderabad, phishing scam hyderabad man loses rs 9 lakhs, Phishing

    Phishing Scam: Hyderabad Man Loses Rs 9 Lakhs 21 January 2019

    Phishing Scam: Hyderabad Man Loses Rs 9 Lakhs:- A Phishing Scam came to light in Hyderabad recently and the cyber crime cops arrested six people in relation with this case. A team of Nigerians have been swapping sim cards. A...

    Keywords: Phishing Scam latest, Phishing Scam next, Phishing Scam next, Phishing Scam latest

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    Browser's Settings, safe browsing, google for safe browsing system, Phishing

    Google for safe browsing system 12 March 2015

    Google used to inform its users about the secretly installed programs that can change a browser's settings without the user's permission. Those revisions can unleash a siege of aggravating ads or redirect the browser's users to search engines or other...

    Keywords: Firefox, Firefox, phishing, Safari

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    Kingpin Khan, internet banking fraud, hyderabadi behind internet banking scam, Phishing

    Hyderabadi behind internet banking scam 12 May 2011

    Chennai police are on the look out for one Mr Khan of Hyderabad who was the kingpin of a racket that siphoned off lakhs of rupees fraudulently from accounts of various bank customers through internet transfers.Chennai police have already arrested...

    Keywords: phishing emails, Kingpin Khan, Lakshmi Bhandari, fraudulent transfer of funds through internet

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