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  • explosion, bedroom fire, apple iphone explodes burning the whole bedroom, Overheating

    Apple iPhone Explodes, Burning the Whole Bedroom 21 November 2016

    In a shocking incident, an iPhone got exploded while charging which set an entire room ablaze.A 15-year-old girl from Morfa Bychan, North Wales became the victim. Her iPhone reportedly caught fire while charging and the explosion’s damages spread to other...

    Keywords: bedroom fire, overheating, Apple iPhone, damage

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    explosion, flights, samsung galaxy note 7 phones banned in us flights, Overheating

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones banned in US flights 15 October 2016

    After many news about the explosion and damage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices have been  reported, people are now scared to even ue the device. In the latest updtae, the United States has announced a ban on the...

    Keywords: Samsung Galaxy Note 7, flights, flights, flights

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    world news, man died iPhone heat, overheating of an iphone killed a man, Overheating

    Overheating of an iPhone killed a man 05 February 2016

    A man lost his life, due to the fire caused by the overheating of an iPhone 5 battery,  plugged in to charge overnight.  A 53 year old man, named Marek Kruger in UK was bed bound due to a brain tumor,...

    Keywords: man died iPhone heat, iPhone overheat, iPhone overheat, house fire

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