• Bhubaneshwar, Bhubaneshwar, mira nair ate onions before love scenes with shashi tharoor, Onions

    Mira Nair ate onions before love scenes with Shashi Tharoor 04 September 2012

    Talking to a popular Indian Daily about her life from Bhubaneshwar to Hollywood he said that she while she acted in plays, mostly as boy's mother, she ate onions before love scenes with Shashi Tharoor. She started by telling about...

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    farmer onions prices, Pune news, farmer earns rs 1 for 100 kg onions, Onions

    Farmer earns Rs 1 for 100 kg onions 25 May 2016

    A farmer in Pune, has said he could earn only Re 1 from sale of nearly a tonne of onions at the district Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC). The 48 year old Devidas Parbhane, who produced a bumper crop this...

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    Tamil couple gifted onions, onion as gifts, after price rise tamil nadu couple gets onions as a wedding gift, Onions

    After Price Rise, Tamil Nadu Couple Gets Onions as a Wedding Gift 09 December 2019

    After Price Rise, Tamil Nadu Couple Gets Onions as a Wedding Gift:- A Tamil Nadu couple in Cuddalore received a bouquet of onions as a wedding gift from their friends. With the price of onions reaching an all-time high, the...

    Keywords: Tamil Nadu couple, Tamil couple gifted onions, onions gifted in Tamil Nadu, Tamil couple gifted onions

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    healthy diet, antioxidants, fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables, Onions

    Fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables 16 November 2012

    Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. They are low in calories and nutrient dense, which means they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Try to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day...

    Keywords: minerals, greens, minerals, healthy diet

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    onions rate in AP, Onions rate in Telangana, telugu states avail centre s onions subsidy, Onions

    Telugu states avail centre’s onions subsidy 27 August 2015

    The two Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, along with Delhi, have approached the Union agriculture ministry, with the proposals to avail the subsidy onions for themselves, and thus make it available for the common public at the reasonable rates....

    Keywords: Onions price in AP, onions rate in AP, Onions price in AP, onions subsidy to Telugu states

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    food retailers, Onions cost per kg, don t panic government may ban onion exports, Onions

    Don't panic! Government may ban onion exports 14 August 2013

    In view of the soaring prices of onions in India, the Delhi government seeks to ban the commodity's export outside the country. Many are close to panicking as onion supply is considerably falling short of demand. A shortage of rain...

    Keywords: Onion prices, food retailers, food retailers, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

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    Onion Farmers, Onion Farmers, farmers in tears as onion price crashes, Onions

    Farmers in tears as onion price crashes 30 January 2012

    Even as the onion farmers claim that there is no demand for their produce, arrival of huge quantities from neighbouring states has resulted in further fall of price of onions. Farmers, who sold one kg of onions at Rs.30 in...

    Keywords: Onion Farmers, Onions Price today., Onion prices, Onion Price down

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    Public Interest Litigation, inflation, don t eat onions supreme court, Onions

    Don't eat Onions: Supreme Court 11 January 2014

    The Supreme Court of India on Friday shocked every one by saying to stopping eating Onions for two months and then automatically the price will come down. A bench headed by Justice BS Chauhan dismissed the Public Interest Litigation (PIL)...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, PIL on Onions, Weird News, BS Chauhan

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    Onions Rs.1 per kg, Onions Rs.1 per kg, onions rs 1 per kg, Onions

    Onions Rs.1 per kg 04 September 2015

    “How come you put this in the top news man? It should actually be in the joke of the day section right?” If this is going on in your mind, please out a break to your thoughts and read the...

    Keywords: kg onions 1 rupee, 1 rupee kg onions, Onions Rs.1 per kg, 1 rupee kg onions

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    onions producing States, exports onions, onion became dearer calls for a meeting at center, Onions

    Onion Became Dearer Calls for a Meeting at Center 22 October 2013

    The rate of onions shot up to Rs.80 to 90 per kg at in the retail market and in spite of the efforts made by the Government by increasing the imports and putting a tab on the exports onions are...

    Keywords: Union Food Ministry, onions producing States, Onion Became Dearer, rate of onions

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    State government, Onions, 7 lakh quintal onion rot in mp warehouse rs 6 7 cr spent on disposal, Onions

    7 Lakh Quintal Onion Rot in MP Warehouse, Rs. 6.7 Cr Spent On Disposal 15 October 2016

    Recently officials have confirmed that more than seven lakh quintals of onions have gone to waste in warehouses across Madhya Pradesh since July. The officials said that "after onion prices crashed to 50 paise a kg in May, the state...

    Keywords: warehouse, Rot, State government, Madhya Pradesh

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    onions price in AP, onions price in AP, chances of onions price to cross rs 100 kg, Onions

    Chances of onions price to cross Rs.100/kg 22 August 2015

    Onions price is rising day by day and as of, there are suspicions that onions may cost Rs.100 per kg in Delhi. Just a 2 weeks before, onions cost was Rs.80 in Delhi, which is already a very high and...

    Keywords: delhi onion price, onions high price, onions price in telangana, onions price in telangana

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    Telangana news, onions price in Telangana, ts govt sells tur dal through special counters, Onions

    TS govt. sells Tur dal through special counters 29 October 2015

    The Telangana state government will sell Tur dal, by opening the special counters, in the various parts of the city. Whenever the prices of any commodities rise high, the Telangana government is always at the door step of the common...

    Keywords: onions price in Telangana, tur dal special counters in Telangana, Tur dal, Telangana news

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    onion supply, retail market, onion prices fall steeply supply excess, Onions

    Onion prices fall steeply, supply excess 05 April 2013

    Only a month or two ago, prices of Onion were so dear that the restaurants were at losses and households decided to cut down the intake of the most essential ingredients of their food. The prices were soaring high at...

    Keywords: retail market, retail market, onion supply, onion prices fall

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    minimum export price, indian traders, rise in price of onions, Onions

    Rise in Price of Onions! 02 February 2013

    The retail price of onions is presently between Rs. 35 to 40 per kilogram, while the wholesale price is Rs. 22 per kilogram. In the week of January 5-10, prices of onions increased by up to 250 per cent as...

    Keywords: indian traders, rise in onions price, onions growing region in india., wholesale price of onions

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    benefits of Onion, benefits of Onion, 5 benefits onions can really give, Onions

    5 benefits Onions can really give 03 March 2016

    Onion really has more benefits, than what you actually think. Here are the five of such benefits. 1. ImmunityVitamin C in Onions, is the essential component in building up the immunity. 2. Blood SugarCompounds like Chromium in Onions, supports in keeping...

    Keywords: benefits of Onion, benefits of Onion, Onions, Onions

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    monetary policy, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, costlier onions not wiping anyone s tears, Onions

    Costlier onions not wiping anyone's tears 17 September 2013

    Onions just got dearer. Many reasons have been blamed for the soaring prices of one of the most loved ingredients in everyone's curry. However, this curry is turning out to be a luxury. Latest reports indicate that onion prices have...

    Keywords: Latest onion price, monetary policy, fuel price, Latest onion price

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    Onion prices updates, Onions in India, onion prices farmers did not gain anything, Onions

    Onion Prices: Farmers Did Not Gain Anything 03 December 2019

    Onion Prices: Farmers Did Not Gain Anything:- The prices of onions reached all-time high and the common man is struggling hard to buy onions that touched Rs 100 per kg. As per the latest update, the price is expected to...

    Keywords: Onions in India, Onion prices updates, Onions in India, Onions

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    Onions in India, Onion prices news, onion crisis in ap rocks state assembly, Onions

    Onion Crisis in AP Rocks State Assembly 09 December 2019

    Onion Crisis in AP Rocks State Assembly:- There has been a huge crisis for onions across the country and the common man has been suffering after the onion prices reached Rs 200 per kg. Selected outlets across the country have...

    Keywords: Onion prices latest, Onions, Onion prices news, Onions

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    Onion scam, #onionscam, onion scam aap bought at rs 18 and sold at rs 30, Onions

    Onion Scam: AAP bought at Rs 18 and sold at Rs 30! 21 September 2015

    Implying that, Delhi government Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) performed an onion scam, an RTI reply claimed that the government purchased onions at Rs 18/kg and sold it to at Rs 30/kg. As known, onions are now far away from the...

    Keywords: AAP onions cam, AAP onions cam, #onionscam, Onion scam

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