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  • natural ways to enhance colour lips, Tips to add colour to your lips, natural remedies to colour your lips, Natural beauty tips

    Natural remedies to colour your lips 20 June 2015

    Soft and pink lips are something that every woman desires as they enhance the beauty of face. Apart from colouring them with lipsticks or lip-gloss, here are some ways to make your lips look soft and pink naturally. Follow them...

    Keywords: tips to make lips beautiful, Simple tips to colour your lips naturally, Tips to add colour to your lips, natural ways to enhance colour lips

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    how to treat dry skin naturally, Simple tips to avoid dry skin, tips to prevent dry skin, Natural beauty tips

    Tips to prevent dry skin 17 July 2015

    As we have entered monsoon season, most of us suffer from dry skin problem which takes off beauty from face. To help you out, here are some simple beauty tips that can be of great help. Follow them to have...

    Keywords: Natural beauty tips for dry skin, how to avoid dry skin, How to get rid of dry skin?, Simple tips to avoid dry skin

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    mackup tips, natural beauty tips, fruits bliss for our natural beauty, Natural beauty tips

    Fruits, bliss for our natural beauty! 17 May 2012

    When we give importance on looking, behaving natural and eat all those natural food as well, then why not pamper our skin naturally? I mean with the different variety of fruits, of the same apart from the intake, even applying...

    Keywords: mackup tips, Natural beauty, Natural beauty, Fruits

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