• 2 GHz Tru Octa-caore processor, New Technology News, micromax knight launched, Messenger

    Micromax Knight launched 06 March 2014

    Indian phone maker Micromax has launched Knight A350 of the Canvas edition and the first look really impressed. Knight partially resembles the Apples iPhone 5S but Knight is much thinner when compared. The screen is 5 inch long and comes...

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    WhatsApp website, blue ticks, support to hide whatsapp blue ticks, Messenger

    Support to hide WhatsApp blue ticks 17 November 2014

    Instant Messenger WhatsApp has come with a support to hide the blue tick which it launched few days back. The Blue ticks indicate that the recipient has read your message but many users concern increased with privacy and some of...

    Keywords: WhatsApp privacy, WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp settings, blue ticks

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    Whatsapp, Jan Koum, whatsapp reinvents status for sharing photos videos and gif s, Messenger

    Whatsapp reinvents ‘status’for sharing photos, videos, and GIF’s 21 February 2017

    On it's 8th birthday WhatsApp is ready to celebrate in style by announcing a game-changing update. The app has rolled out a new feature called ‘Status’, a new tab for sharing photos, videos, and GIF’s that will disappear after 24...

    Keywords: Whatsapp, 8th birthday, 8th birthday, chat messenger

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    Facebook buying Whatsapp, Facebook buying Whatsapp, facebook to own whatsapp after instagram, Messenger

    Facebook to own Whatsapp after Instagram 04 December 2012

    Whatsapp is has replaced several million's messaging application while offering services for free and one can use it limitlessly as TRAI implications are not applicable to the app that is popular with iOS, Android and Blackberry users. With over a...

    Keywords: Whastapp acquired by Facebook, facebook messenger, facebook messenger, Facebook buying Whatsapp

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    Facebook buys WhatsApp, WhatsApp founder Brain Acton and Jan Koum, facebook mistake worth 3 billion, Messenger

    Facebook mistake worth $3 billion 20 February 2014

    Facebook the leading social networking site in the world. Since today morning Facebook is making tumultuous all over as it bought mobile messenger service WhatsApp for $19 billion. And you may think whats wrong in this deal. Here is the...

    Keywords: Yahoo, Facebook mistake worth $3 billion, Twitter, mobile messenger WhatsApp

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    Zip Phone, Hike Messenger launch, hike acquires zip phone, Messenger

    Hike acquires Zip Phone 08 January 2015

    Instant chat application, Hike Messenger has announced that it has obtained US based voice calling company, Zip Phone, without revealing the amount. Over the past few days, the market sources are saying that Hike is looking to launch voice calling...

    Keywords: Hike Messenger launch, Hike Messenger app, Hike Messenger voice calling, Hike Messenger

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    Gtalk to be shut, Google, google to shut g talk, Messenger

    Google to shut G Talk! 07 February 2015

    Internet giant, Google will shut yet another its feature and this time it is the very popular messenger platform Gtalk. Instead, Google will be promoting Hangouts Messenger services for Windows users. Google which the made the Gtalk unavailable for download,...

    Keywords: Gtalk, Gtalk to be closed, Google closes Gtalk, Google closes Gtalk

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    BBM in Nokia Lumia, Mobile World Congress, bbm in nokia windows phones, Messenger

    BBM in Nokia Windows Phones 24 February 2014

    Nokia has announced that it has added the Blackberry Messenger [BBM] to the Windows Phones at the Mobile World Congress [MWC] in Barcelona. Addressing a press conference at MWC Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said, “we've added some fantastic apps to...

    Keywords: Nokia Windows Phones, BBM in Nokia Windows Phones, Sci-tech News, Technology News

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    Mother’s live nude shows, marine engineering student, student sells mother on line for a price, Messenger

    Student sells mother on line for a price! 29 June 2011

    In a shocking revelation, a 21-year old marine engineering student of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala was caught offering live nude shows of his mother through on line web cam for prices ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.1000.  Police said he earned Rs.2.25...

    Keywords: hot ladies from Kerala, hot ladies from Kerala, hot ladies from Kerala, Mother’s live nude shows

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    Hike, Pandora, open internet the next step for connectivity, Messenger

    Open internet, the next step for connectivity 06 April 2015

    Net neutrality means on the Internet, all bits are equal. A consultation paper about net neutrality by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will be published soon. With the data access you pay for, you can watch a YouTube...

    Keywords: BlackBerry Messenger, online games, Snapchat, iMessage

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    Hooman Samani, kissenger, kiss even when you are far away from your loved ones, Messenger

    Kiss even when you are far away from your loved ones 23 July 2012

    It could be hard to keep the passion in the relationship if the couple is separated geographically. But that is all past, thanks to the new technology you can use “Kissenger” a kiss messenger to transmit kisses over the internet....

    Keywords: silicone lips, kiss messenger, Hooman Samani, silicone lips

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    Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, facebook messenger hits 1 3 billion monthly active users mark, Messenger

    Facebook Messenger Hits 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users Mark 15 September 2017

    Facebook Messenger Hits 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users Mark:- Facebook Messenger now has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. The application had crossed 1 billion monthly active users mark in July last year. “We’ve continued working hard to make...

    Keywords: Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users Mark, Facebook Messenger

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    Facebook buys messenger WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook buys messenger whatsapp, Messenger

    Facebook buys messenger WhatsApp 20 February 2014

    Social Networking site Facebook on Wednesday announced that it is buying mobile messenger service WhatsApp for $ 16 Billion.  Facebook has agreed to pay $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash in addition to this it will pay...

    Keywords: Technology News, WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg, $19 billion deal of Facebook WhatsApp

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    FAQ, Voice over IP, new features in whatsapp, Messenger

    New features in WhatsApp 06 November 2014

    Instant Messenger application WhatsApp has rolled out new features and now a sender can confirm whether the third person read your message or not. Two blue lines appear next to the sent message which indicate the recipient has read your...

    Keywords: Android, WhatsApp features, Windows Phone, WhatsApp

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    Facebook, Payment systems, send money through facebook, Messenger

    Send money through Facebook 18 March 2015

    Facebook's Messenger app will soon help you to send money to your friends, the latest in the field of services aimed at an increasingly wireless and cashless generation. Facebook's entry to this field is announced on March 17, is free...

    Keywords: Facebook, Payment systems, Send money, Facebook

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    Pakistan, Weird facts, pigeon as a pakistan messenger, Messenger

    Pigeon as a Pakistan messenger? 30 May 2015

    A pigeon was arrested by the police in India, believing it to be carrying a secret message from Pakistan. The bird was actually seized in the ‘Manwal’ village,  which is at the border of India and Pakistan in Punjab. Though,...

    Keywords: Pigeon, Pakistan, police, police

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    messenger, WhatsApp, no whatsapp from december 31, Messenger

    No WhatsApp from December 31 04 November 2016

    Are you using WhatsApp on old smartphones? Then there is a bad news for you all. From December 31 WhatsApp will be blocked in all old phones. Yes you read it right!According to a statement released, WhatsApp will no longer support in...

    Keywords: WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp, messenger

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    Hike Messenger for iOS, Hike for Windows Phone, hike the newest free messaging app, Messenger

    Hike, the newest free messaging app 18 February 2013

    Hike is the latest free messaging app from Bharti India and Japanese company Softbank, which has been developed seamlessly with the perfect gear and ammo for the smartphone users. Free Messaging apps were plenty on the respective application stores of...

    Keywords: instant messaging app, instant messaging app, instant messaging app, instant messaging app

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    Twitter, Direct messaging, direct messaging can be lengthy upto 10000 characters twitter, Messenger

    Direct messaging can be lengthy upto 10000 characters, Twitter 13 June 2015

    Twitter has announced that it would get rid of the 140-character limit on direct messaging and will now allow users to send direct messages that are 10,000 characters long. The fierce competition in the messaging space with the likes of...

    Keywords: Direct messaging, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Facebook messenger

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    google android phones, facebook whatsapp, non facebook users can use facebook messenger, Messenger

    Non-Facebook users can use Facebook Messenger 05 December 2012

    Amid rumors that Facebook has been negotiating with Whatsapp, it today rolled out a new change, which allows android mobile phone users to use the application without a Facebook account but with just your phone number. Sign up with your...

    Keywords: facebook messenger, facebook messenger, instant message, messaging service

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