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    Best manicure tips for Busy Women! 10 February 2012

    Could be work from home or at Office… married or single… we all are busy stuck up with some or the other work each day. But, we cannot ignore our beauty care regime as well… so, here are some quick...

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    How To Do Manicure At Home 13 June 2016

    Don’t have time to go to salon for manicure? Have to attend party or event in the evening? This easy step-by-step tutorial will ensure you get a salon-quality manicure sitting right in your home.You Need: - Nail polish remover- Cotton...

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    Put on two coats of the coral polish, manicured nails, try these funky nail art ideas, Manicure

    Try these funky nail art ideas 17 August 2012

    There's more to nail art than just neon varnish and French manis. Glam up those talons with these fun ideas sourced by Bushra S Khan. Here's a how-to from nail art technician Aditi Mehta The moon manicure This look can...

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    French manicure shades on nails, French manicure goes floral, french manicure goes floral, Manicure

    French manicure goes floral 28 October 2013

    Why settle for the boring old school French manicure when you could do so much with it. This festive season,  try something new. Give the old school style a contemporary twist with some floral bling. Not only will it make...

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    Nail-Envy: tips for managing your own nails 03 September 2010

    Finding the time, or affording a professional manicure, can sometimes be out of our reach. Here are some tips to manage your own nails.Nail Care 911Keep a basic selection of nail products in your office drawer, in case of emergency....

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    Amitabh at Spa, Amitabh at Oz, strange but true big b in oz spa, Manicure

    Strange but true: Big B in Oz spa 22 January 2012

    Well the Indian film veteran Amitabh Bachchan (Big B) is at Australia to watch the Australian open tennis and of course Team India is also touring the country. But the most important issue is that the 69-year-old Megastar, relaxed with...

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