• study, rogue networks, beware mobile ads could leak your data, Malware

    Beware mobile ads could leak your data! 14 July 2012

    Mobile apps are the most sought after by the Gen Next for their smart phones. Moreover, with it come various mobile ads, sometimes useful and mostly turn out as pains. A recent study has revealed alarming issues that certain mobile...

    Keywords: malware, mobile ads, rogue networks, study

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    malware, malware, facebook hacking malware on the prowl, Malware

    Facebook hacking malware on the prowl 31 August 2013

    How often have you fallen a victim to malicious links on social networking sites? Never? Well, then this piece of information could leave you shell shocked! Have you ever been pinged a strange video link on Facebook from a friend?...

    Keywords: Facebook hacking malware on the prowl, malware, malware, malware

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    internet users, flicking happiness, this christmas beware of malware mcafee, Malware

    This Christmas Beware of Malware: McAfee 24 December 2011

    The new Intel company McAfee has warned the consumers with twelve scams for this Christmas. McAfee says the partypoopers had found twelve new ways to hack the internet enabled devices. McAfee has warned its consumers indulging in e-shopping to beware...

    Keywords: Scareware, internet users, fake Antivirus software, flicking happiness

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    spam Valentines Day offers, Spam mail, india second in spam valentine offers, Malware

    India, second in Spam Valentine offers 10 February 2015

    Security firm Trend Micro said India is ranked second in the list of nations sending spam emails and the threat is likely to increase further on the eve of Valentines Day. Cyber criminals are heard to be sending spam mails...

    Keywords: Valentines Day, spam Valentines Day offers, Valentines Day, Spam mail

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    Safe Browsing program, computer viruses threat, google maps malicious websites gains transparentness, Malware

    Google maps malicious websites gains transparentness! 26 June 2013

    Google had spread out its transparentness announcement on Tuesday to comprehend maps of spots around the world where hackers are laying traps otherwise deceiving Internet users. Google engineer Lucas Ballard expressed saying in a blog post that two of the...

    Keywords: Google transparentness announcement, caution to Internet travellers, Google engineer Lucas Ballard, Google maps malicious websites gains transparentness

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    Safari, Google, google for safe browsing system, Malware

    Google for safe browsing system 12 March 2015

    Google used to inform its users about the secretly installed programs that can change a browser's settings without the user's permission. Those revisions can unleash a siege of aggravating ads or redirect the browser's users to search engines or other...

    Keywords: Browser's Settings, Safari, Firefox, Firefox

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    malware checks, US, india ranked third largest spam spewing nation in the world, Malware

    India ranked third largest ' spam spewing nation' in the world! 06 March 2013

    India has ranked third on the list of the countries distributing spam across the world, after US and China, a new report has claimed. As a matter of fact while the US was the single highest-ranking country in the study,...

    Keywords: China, malware checks, nations distributing spam across the world, India

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