• Sri Venkateshwara Silpa Kalavedika, students fell sick, 50 students fall sick after drinking milk, Lizard

    50 students fall sick after drinking milk 11 July 2012

    At least 50 students at Sri Venkateshwara Silpa Kalasala have fallen sick after drinking milk in which a lizard has fallen. After consuming the impure milk, the students started vomiting. All of them were immediately rushed to the hospital. The...

    Keywords: lizard, students fell sick, drinking mil, Tirupati

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    deep fried lizard, Priyanka Moitra, mcdonald s new fry lizard deep fry, Lizard

    McDonald’s New Fry: Lizard Deep Fry! 03 March 2017

    MacDonalds outlet in Kolkata allegedly served deep fried lizard in a serving of fries to a pregnant woman. The irresponsible manager does not even tender an apology. He just said sorry and they just want to send it to them...

    Keywords: Phoolbagan police station, Phoolbagan police station, deep fried lizard, Sanjay Mitra

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    Law, Gulf, group of youth senselessly kills an innocent iguana, Lizard

    Group of youth senselessly kills an innocent Iguana... 23 March 2013

    The senseless killing and injuring of a readily trained iguana near Safa Park has resulted with violence amongst neighbours in the Jumeirah 1 area and ready in action Dubai animal advocacy group Friends of Animals to request authorities to open an...

    Keywords: Friends of Animals, Dubai news, UAE, Law

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    lizard, breeding programme, the world s largest lizards have been born in indonesia zoo, Lizard

    The world's largest lizards have been born in Indonesia zoo... 20 March 2013

    The species is considered vulnerable, with around 5,000 left in the wild Interestingly, according to an official said on Wednesday that seven Komodo dragons have hatched under a breeding programme at an Indonesian zoo, and that this a success story...

    Keywords: Indonesian zoo, predator, predator, endangered

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    Government General Hospital guntur, Government General Hospital canteen, dead lizard in idli, Lizard

    Dead lizard in idli! 08 February 2013

    On Thursday, an employee found a dead lizard in idli in a canteen at the Government General Hospital (GGH),Guntur after which the Municipal health officials booked a case against the management of the canteen. The incident happened when a staff...

    Keywords: Guntur., Guntur., dead lizard in idli, the Government General Hospital

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    23 die eating Midday meal, Midday meal at Nayveli, another scare of midday meal, Lizard

    Another Scare of Midday Meal 23 July 2013

    This time it is a lizard that lost its life sparing the children.   A dead lizard is found today in the food that was to be served to the children in the Government’s Midday Meal scheme in Palvai in...

    Keywords: Midday meal in Chhattisgarh school, Midday meal havoc, Lizard in Midday meal, Lizard in Midday meal

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    Lizard-infected food, Nizam College, students served with lizard infected food 4 hospitalized, Lizard

    Students served with lizard-infected food, 4 hospitalized 18 February 2012

    Four students of the famed Nizam College at Basheerbagh in Hyderabad were hospitalized after consuming lizard-infected lemon rice for breakfast this morning. The students started vomiting soon after eating the food and were immediately taken to the Gandhi Hospital. Other...

    Keywords: Lizard-infected food, Nizam College, adulterated food, Lizard-infected food

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    German, $1300, 49 exotic lizards for lunch german claims at oman, Lizard

    49 exotic lizards for lunch - German claims at Oman 10 May 2012

    Have you ever come across anyone who eats lizards? Whether we have come across or not, customs officials at an airport were actually astonished when a passenger returning from Oman said he enjoys eating lizards and the set of lizards...

    Keywords: 49 exotic lizards, 49 exotic lizards, Munich Airport, customs officials

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    Midday meal, Penumarthy village, lizard in midday meal 15 students turn sick, Lizard

    Lizard in midday meal, 15 students turn sick 27 July 2011

    15 students, who consumed lizard-afflicted midday meal, fell sick in the Penumarthy village of Gurla Mandalam in Vijayanagaram district today. All the affected students were admitted into a private hospital at Garividi nearby. Villagers said that no one found the...

    Keywords: Penumarthy village, Gurla Mandalam, Gurla Mandalam, Midday meal

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    difficult situation, GDP, fin min adopts dual strategy on deficit, Lizard

    Fin Min adopts dual strategy on deficit 08 December 2011

    Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday at the Lok Sabha expressed dual standards when claiming that the situation was quite alarming but the necessary steps are in place to put the de-saddled economy back on track. The statement was very...

    Keywords: difficult situation, fundamentals was strong, difficult situation, Lok Sabha expressed

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