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    Winter Lip Care 16 August 2012

    Usually lips suffer most during the winter season. Soft and smooth lips figure among the foremost indicators of physical beauty. There are many problems that can be created for lips in the winter season.The skin on lips lack oil glands;...

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    Special Tips To Keep Your Lips Soft And Smooth 18 November 2021

    Special Tips To Keep Your Lips Soft And Smooth:- The winter season is here and it's time to take special care of your lips as they turn dry because of the cold. Lips are an integral part of our body...

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    chapped lips, chapped lips, kiss the wintery blues goodbye, Lip care

    Kiss the wintery blues goodbye 04 October 2013

    With the arrival of winter, our lips face the heat. Chapped, dry, flaky, the cold is a villain that should be put in its place. To fight the wintery blues, check out these simple tricks. The first trick is a...

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    What do you do for your Lips? 05 March 2012

    The lips have to be given good care for the person to be able to have wonderful features on the face. Lips are also very sensitive and any mild injury on the lips can make them become swollen up a...

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    Moisturize your lips, skincare, pamper your pout naturally, Lip care

    Pamper your pout naturally 13 December 2013

    Don't let the nip in the air chap your lips! And no, you don't really need those chapsticks or greasy tinted lip balms to pamper your pout. Not only do they dry the skin further, but also strip them off...

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    breaks on lips, lip care in winter, make your smile beautiful, Lip care

    Make your smile beautiful! 20 November 2012

    By now, you probably know that lip balm can be addicting-not like how crack is addicting, although I'm sure someone's figured out a way to freebase Burt's Bees-due to ingredients that actually dry your lips out in the long run....

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