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  • how to pack jewellery, how to pack jewellery, easy tips for safely packing jewellery, Jewellery tips

    Easy tips for safely packing jewellery 11 June 2015

    Are you going on a vacation or picnic? Packing jewellery is a task during travelling. But with a few tricks, you can easily reduce your load. Just carry versatile pieces that you can mix and match. Here are some simple...

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    Simple tips to choose jewellery for monsoon, monsoon beauty tips, tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon, Jewellery tips

    Tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon 03 August 2015

    Usually during monsoon season, moisture and humidity levels will be high and this may damage your jewellery. So, experts advise to go for plastic jewellery items that come in bright and vibrant colours. Also they suggest avoiding metallic jewellery during...

    Keywords: How to choose jewellery during monsoon?, How to pick perfect accessories for monsoon, tips to care of jewellery in monsoon, How to choose jewellery during monsoon?

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