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  • Baghdadi dead, Baghdadi updates, donald trump announces the death of islamic state founder abu bakr al baghdadi, Islamic state

    Donald Trump Announces The Death of Islamic State Founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 28 October 2019

    Donald Trump Announces The Death of Islamic State Founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:- Donald Trump, the President of the United States on Sunday announced that fugitive Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed himself during a special raid by the...

    Keywords: Baghdadi killed, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Donald Trump, Baghdadi prize money

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    Islam, unbelievable facts, unique birth certificate in islamic states, Islamic state

    Unique birth certificate in Islamic states 02 May 2015

    The birth certificate what we know in India is far different from Islamic states. The certificate is issued in a very unique process on those places.If you can observe the picture, there is a black cloth on the baby's body....

    Keywords: Birth certificate, unbelievable facts, Islam, unbelievable facts

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    France, France, bloodbath terror attacks in 3 continents in the month of ramdaan, Islamic state

    Bloodbath: Terror Attacks in 3 Continents in the Month of Ramdaan 27 June 2015

    Just in the gap of hours, radical Islamic out wings carried out attacks in three continents that made scores of civilians lifeless and put many others on life support. As of now, the only link available between the attacks is...

    Keywords: Tunisia, Kuwait, Kuwait, France

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    ISIS, ISIS, isis still formidable and brutal, Islamic state

    ISIS Still 'Formidable and Brutal' 27 February 2015

    U.S. intelligence and military officials say the Islamic State is losing ground in Iraq. “Its momentum has been checked and the group has suffered some notable setbacks during the last couple of months,” a U.S. official told. “Mounting a major...

    Keywords: Islamic state, ISIS, formidable and brutal threat, Terrorism

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    NIA arrests, terror threat, two telangana men in close contact with terror suspects in nia custody, Islamic state

    Two Telangana men in close contact with terror suspects in NIA custody 28 January 2016

    A senior government official has said that two men from Telangana state were in close contact with at least four suspects out of 14 of them held last week by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The two Telangana men, identified...

    Keywords: Telangana, Telangana, Syria, Telangana

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    Abdulla Hadi Abdul Rehman Al Enezi, Abdulla Hadi Abdul Rehman Al Enezi, suspect arrested in kuwait for terror funding, Islamic state

    Suspect arrested in Kuwait for terror funding 06 August 2016

    Abdulla Hadi Abdul Rehman Al Enezi, was arrested in Kuwait for suspected links and for terror funding and recruitment for the Islamic State Group. Abdulla had reportedly sent USD 1000 to four men in India, including Areeb Majeed from Maharashtra...

    Keywords: Areeb Majeed, Abdulla Hadi Abdul Rehman Al Enezi, Islamic State, Islamic State

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    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, engg graduate from hyd who joined isis dies in syria, Islamic state

    Engg graduate from Hyd who joined ISIS dies in Syria 05 May 2015

    An engineering graduate from Hyderabad, who joined the terror group ISIS, has died "while fighting in Syria," Intelligence sources on Tuesday said quoting his family members.Mohd Haneef Waseem, 27, had reportedly joined the ISIS in Syria in February this year,...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS

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    ISIS, Indian Muslim, terror monger zakir naik praises modi, Islamic state

    Terror monger Zakir Naik praises Modi 22 July 2016

    The preacher televangalist Zakir Naik who is being alleged for coercing and forcing people to convert to islam and for joining the ISIS has now claimed that he is an Indian Muslim and praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The terror...

    Keywords: Islamic state, Indian Muslim, ISIS, ISIS

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    Saudi Arabia mosque bomb, suicide bomb attack, suicide bomber attacked saudi arabia mosque, Islamic state

    Suicide bomber attacked Saudi Arabia mosque 30 January 2016

    A suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Shia populated eastern Saudi Arabia, which took away several number of lives and other left wounded.   Four people were killed and 18 wounded in the horrifying attack. The near by residents said that...

    Keywords: Islam news, Islamic State (IS), Saudi Arabia mosque, Islamic State (IS)

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    sri lanka blasts, sri lanka blasts, 15 killed including 6 children in raids on islamic state hideouts in sri lanka, Islamic state

    15 Killed, Including 6 Children, in Raids on Islamic State Hideouts in Sri Lanka 27 April 2019

    15 Killed, Including 6 Children, in Raids on Islamic State Hideouts in Sri Lanka:- During a fierce overnight gun battle on the east of Sri Lanka, the bodies of 15 people, including six children were recovered at the site, a...

    Keywords: raids on islamic state, islamic state hideouts, raids on islamic state, sri lanka

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    Sinjar, Pareen Sevgeen, more than jihadi brides, Islamic state

    More than 'jihadi brides' 02 April 2015

    Women travelling to the lands of Syria to join Islamic State are no longer just seeking "jihadi brides" tag.  They are ready to take up the new initiations in logistics and intelligence as medics, according to military and expert sources.Though...

    Keywords: Syria, Syria, Syria, Women in IS

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    Digvijaya Singh, Digvijaya Singh, case booked against congress leader digvijaya singh, Islamic state

    Case Booked Against Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh 04 May 2017

    A case has been booked against Senior Congress leader and AICC General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, today, for accusing the Telangana Police, of luring Muslim youths to join Islamic State groups. Singh, in his tweets, alleged that “the Telangana Police has...

    Keywords: Muslim Youths, ISIS, Telangana Police, Telangana Police

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    French, Italian, death toll of foreign tourists rose to 20, Islamic state

    Death toll of Foreign Tourists rose to 20 20 March 2015

    After Islamic State took the lives of 20 foreign tourists in an attack on a museum, Tunisia arrested nine people and pledged to deploy the army to major cities. The terror out wing described the attack as “the first drop...

    Keywords: Belgian, Spanish, Japanese, British

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    ISIS, Digvijaya Singh, senior congress leader accuses telangana police of trapping muslim youth, Islamic state

    Senior Congress Leader Accuses Telangana Police Of Trapping Muslim Youth 01 May 2017

    Senior Congress Leader and AICC General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, triggered a controversy, alleging that the Telangana Police were trapping Muslim Youth, by encouraging them to join Islamic State. Singh, who is the Congress in-charge of Telangana and neighboring Andhra Pradesh,...

    Keywords: Muslim youth, Congress, ISIS, ISIS

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    Thrissur Pooram Festival, Malayalam, isis threatens to carry out lone wolf attacks across india, Islamic state

    ISIS Threatens To Carry Out “Lone Wolf” Attacks Across India 15 November 2017

    ISIS Threatens To Carry Out “Lone Wolf” Attacks Across India: A warning has been given by the Terror group Islamic State (IS) to carry out ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks across the country. A video released by an ISIS sympathiser in Kerala...

    Keywords: ISIS, Communal, Thrissur Pooram Festival, Islamic State

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    IS, ISIL, isis to be banned in india, Islamic state

    ISIS to be banned in India 14 February 2015

    The Middle-East terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] is likely to be banned in India under the Unlawful Activities Act. The Union government will shortly issue declaring ISIS group and its affiliates ISIL and IS as proscribed...

    Keywords: middle-east, middle-east, Asif Ibrahim, middle-east

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    Hyderabadi in ISIS, Telangana Intelligence department, hyderabadi lady in isis, Islamic state

    Hyderabadi lady in ISIS! 31 January 2015

    A 19 year old Hyderabadi lady is believed to have joined Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] and this had been confirmed by the Telangana Intelligence Department. As per the report, the lady has spent two months in Iraq...

    Keywords: Telangana police, Telangana police, Telangana Intelligence department, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

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    Bomb blast, Bomb blast, bomb blast outside brussels institute of criminology no casualties, Islamic state

    Bomb blast outside Brussels Institute of Criminology, no casualties 29 August 2016

    A car rammed through the barriers at about 3 am and one or more attackers exploded a bomb outside Brussels Institute of Criminology near the laboratories which caught fire. The institute is linked to the Belgian ministry of justice and...

    Keywords: Bomb blast, Bomb blast, Brussels Institute of Criminology, Belgian ministry of justice

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    Abdur Rahiman, Nangarhar province, missing kerala youth killed in a drone strike in afghanistan, Islamic state

    Missing Kerala Youth Killed In A Drone Strike In Afghanistan 14 April 2017

    One of the missing youth from Kerala, Murshid Muhammed, was reportedly killed in a drone strike, in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The victim, a native of Padna in the Afghani district, was suspected to have joined the Islamic State group,...

    Keywords: Drone Strike, Nangarhar province, Drone Strike, Missing Kerala Youth

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    Hyderabad Airport, Islamic State, hyderabad airport authorities stopped 14 students from flying to syria, Islamic state

    Hyderabad Airport authorities stopped 14 students from flying to Syria 06 May 2015

    According to intelligence agencies, 14 students, who were on their way to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State (IS) were stopped at Hyderabad airport, said a news report on Wednesday.The state and Central intelligence agencies had began verification of...

    Keywords: Islamic State, Hyderabad Airport, Hyderabad Airport, Hyderabad Airport

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