• victims, APPSC Member Sitaramaraju, jobs shop closed temporarily, Interviews

    Jobs Shop closed temporarily 05 June 2013

    Vacancies get announced, applications will be taken, written tests will be conducted, interviews will take place but in the meanwhile jobs will be sold through other outlets. Interviews are going on for the 970 posts of Polytechnic lecturers.  It will...

    Keywords: job Selling agent Sandhya, secret deals, job interviews, Jobs

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    telugu 3D film Action 3D, Action 3D movie release, luck is decisive to survive in film industry neelam, Interviews

    Luck is decisive to survive in film industry: Neelam 22 May 2013

    Neelam Upadhyaya gives importance to luck to survive in the competitive industry. Actress who is currently waiting for release of comedy flick "Action 3D" shared some feelings. "I give prime importance to luck as I believe I'm in the industry...

    Keywords: Action 3D movie release, interview with neelam upadhyaya, Action 3D movie, Action 3D movie trailer

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    irritation colleagues, Lifestyle in Office, irritating colleagues fight them, Interviews

    Irritating colleagues? Fight them… 17 January 2012

    Well, this does not definitely mean you should actually get into a fight or something. Almost every day in your life, you may come across these kinds of people, who are necessarily not your colleagues. But, the worst part is,...

    Keywords: Fighting with colleagues, Fighting with colleagues, Fighting with colleagues, irritation colleagues

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    confidence, telephone interview, handling phone interviews, Interviews

    Handling Phone Interviews 16 March 2013

    Phone interviews are the order of the day, for the employers to screen out the bad ones before the one-to-one interviews or if they are hiring people from places other than their base stations. Generally people tend to get all...

    Keywords: phone inter, telephone interview, power posing, communication skills

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    , growing distant and independent, why teens should spend more time with parents, Interviews

    Why teens should spend more time with parents 31 August 2012

    The key to the future well-being of teens lies in spending time with parents, instead of growing distant and independent. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University studied whether the stereotype of teens growing apart from their parents and spending less time...

    Keywords: teens should spend more time with parents, teens should spend more time with parents, , phone interviews with mothers

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    new trend, Facebook, careful there with your facebook pictures they matter on your interviews, Interviews

    Careful there with your Facebook pictures, they matter on your interviews 24 July 2012

    A new research has found that the presence of inappropriate pictures on Facebook may allow the interviewers to think twice on hiring you for a job. According to the surveys, the number of employers how monitor the Facebook activity have...

    Keywords: daily mail, employers, Facebook, new trend

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    Learn to Face Interviews with Confidence, Remove Interview Fear, interview tips, Interviews

    Interview tips: 14 February 2013

    Most of the people attending interviews are generally tense fearing the worst in the big moments ahead. While their tension is understandable, there is no actual need for the same. How you prepare mentaly and for the tests of the...

    Keywords: Learn to Face Interviews with Confidence, How to Answer Commonly Asked Questions, Remove Interview Fear, Interview

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    Group-1 interviews, High court stay on Tribunal order, hc gives nod for group 1interviews from jan 4, Interviews

    HC gives nod for Group-1interviews from Jan 4 02 January 2012

    The High Court today granted a stay on the AP Administrative Tribunal’s order suspending the Group -1 interviews. The HC allowed the APPSC to conduct the interviews from Jan 4 as scheduled but directed the government recruiting organization to hold...

    Keywords: Group-1 Telugu candidates, High court stay on Tribunal order, APPSC, High court stay on Tribunal order

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    Tanekella Bharani, Tanekella Bharani, common man with a unique personality, Interviews

    Common Man with a Unique Personality 29 March 2012

    Just like no single person is alike, similarly no two people would think or be on the same phase… when I see this parson in particular, his skill, knowledge or for that matter he himself appears to me as if...

    Keywords: Tollywood Tanekella Bharani., Tanekella Bharani, Tanekella Bharani, Interview with Tanikella bharani

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    Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, Dialogue writer shashank, i don t categories movies as direct or dubbed shashankvennelakanti, Interviews

    I don’t categories movies as direct or dubbed: ShashankVennelakanti 01 March 2012

    He is introduced to film industry as a son of famous lyric writer Vennelakanti… but, it did not take much of a time for him to establish himself as a dialogue writer, with the films like ‘Adurs’, ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’,...

    Keywords: Dialogue writer shashank, Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, Dialogue writer shashank

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    Tollywood gossips, Pawan Kalyan anupama chopra, pawan kalyan to give another 2 big interviews, Interviews

    Pawan Kalyan to give another 2 ‘BIG’ interviews! 12 March 2016

    Except Srimanthudu, all the south Indian movies produced by Eros International, have witnessed huge disasters. Even the huge star like Rajinikanth, could not give back the basic investment, the banner put on super star’s last movie ‘Linga’. Even then, Eros...

    Keywords: Sardaar Gabbar Singh news, Tollywood gossips, Tollywood gossips, Tollywood gossips

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    Shruti Hassan first film, Shruti Hassan photoshoot., my legs don t have iron or gold shruti, Interviews

    My legs don't have iron or gold - Shruti 13 July 2013

    In a recent interview, when asked how she feels about the tides turning for her, Shruti Hassan retorted that she does not believe in the iron leg and gold leg concept. It was a bone of contention for Shruti as...

    Keywords: Shruti Hassan in 3, Shruti Hassan in Balupu, Shruti Hassan, Shruti Hassan in 3

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    Interview technique, odd ball questions, odd questions to rip you off your balance be wary of interviews, Interviews

    Odd questions to rip you off your balance, be wary of interviews 04 January 2012

    Interviewing for a job is like dating. You're supposed to be on best behavior. The odd ball questions have been compiled by a jobs and career community, Glassdoor. Glassdoor is the US employment website which was year after year compiling...

    Keywords: Interview technique, Interview technique, Interview technique, what interviewer might ask

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    Snehithudu movie, Snehithudu movie, snehithudu a dream come true for me actor sri ram, Interviews

    ‘Snehithudu’ a dream come true for me – Actor Sri Ram 01 February 2012

    Though being a Telugu speaking Actor, Sri Ram is more poplar in K – Town… now; he has again come in front of Telugu audience with Shankar’s directorial ‘Snehithudu’ after his appearance in ‘Dhada’… Andhrawishesh team has captured all those...

    Keywords: Snehithudu movie, Tollywood Interviews, Celebrity Interviews., Snehithudu movie

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    Racha Director Sampath Nandi, Tollywood Interviews, i was always clear about raccha director sampath nandi, Interviews

    'I was always clear about Raccha' - Director Sampath Nandi 16 April 2012

    Directorial debut with a controversial story line like ‘YemayyindiEeVeela’ that has turned out to be a success and soon an opportunity to direct Mega Power Star, Sampath Nandi had successfully managed to do this. But many including us wanted to...

    Keywords: Racha Director Sampath Nandi, Tollywood Interviews, Interview with Sampath Nandi, Racha Director Sampath Nandi

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    prasanna gifts, sneha gifts., sneha made my day memorable, Interviews

    Sneha made my day memorable! 30 August 2012

    Well these are the words of a satisfied husband, surprised and awestruck with the gift given to him by her, on his birthday. Great, they are the celebrity couple Sneha and Prasanna. Recently on Tuesday Prasanna celebrated his birthday. The...

    Keywords: prasanna gifts, sneha gifts., Prasanna, sneha birthday

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    Bodyguard movie trailer, Venkatesh Bodyguard movie, i worked very hard for body guard gopi chand malineni, Interviews

    ‘I worked very hard for ‘Body Guard’ – Gopi Chand Malineni 25 January 2012

    After making a safe and successful debut as a director with ‘Don Seenu’ it has taken more than a year for Gopi Chand Malineni to come with his next release. ‘Body Guard’ that released this festival, amongst a lot more...

    Keywords: Bodyguard movie trailer, Celebrity Interviews, Bodyguard movie trailer, Inaterview with Gopi chand Malineni

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    Imraan Hashmi, Rakhi Sawant, no celebrity interviews ls, Interviews

    No celebrity interviews: LS 14 April 2012

    Prominent people make news—true but what if prominent people speak at prominent places? Becomes a bigger news presumably. That’s could be one of the reasons as to why film  stars—who crave for publicity—are thronging places of historical and political significance....

    Keywords: MP, LS, Imraan Hashmi, LS

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    Shruti Hassan, Shruti Hassan back to back hits, i have acting genes shruti responds to criticism, Interviews

    I have acting genes, Shruti responds to criticism 10 September 2013

    Shruti Hassan is her father's daughter. Responding to rumors, she retorted that she has acting genes in her and anyone who says she cannot act are joking. Shruti has made it very clear that she can be a success even...

    Keywords: Shruti Hassan, Shruti Hassan back to back hits, Shruti comments, charan

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    Anand Appugol, Sangolli Rayanna, jayaprada opens up on sangolli rayanna, Interviews

    Jayaprada opens up on 'Sangolli Rayanna' 18 September 2012

    The Kannada film 'Kranthi Veera Sangolli Rayanna' (KVSR), is a chronicle about Kittur Rani Chennamma. The Darshan starer KVSR has the magical touch of yesteryear glamor queen Jayaprada, an active politician now. Inspite of a robust political career, the actor...

    Keywords: Darshan, Naganna, Anand Appugol, Jayaprada

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