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    Interview tips 27 February 2013

    Attending an interview, there are many things you have to prepare for. Academically, presentation wise and also the way you speak. Here are a few things that will help you with the way you speak in an interview. Interviewers hate...

    Keywords: interviewer, skill set, quality speech, quality speech

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    Prepare for Personal Interview, Interview, interview tips, Interview tips

    Interview tips: 14 February 2013

    Most of the people attending interviews are generally tense fearing the worst in the big moments ahead. While their tension is understandable, there is no actual need for the same. How you prepare mentaly and for the tests of the...

    Keywords: Learn to Face Interviews with Confidence, Learn to Face Interviews with Confidence, How to Answer Commonly Asked Questions, Interview

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    Preparing for an interview? Read this... 23 January 2013

    Are you aiming to get that dream job and prove your worth??? No matter your qualification might be apt for the requirement of the job, but certain mistakes you make during the interview will definitely decide your fate of achieving...

    Keywords: preparing for interview, personality development, dress code for interview, personality development

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    Handling Phone Interviews 16 March 2013

    Phone interviews are the order of the day, for the employers to screen out the bad ones before the one-to-one interviews or if they are hiring people from places other than their base stations. Generally people tend to get all...

    Keywords: interview tips, speaking in phone, confidence, speaking in phone

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    career ladders, daily roles, understand the opportunity, Interview tips

    Understand the opportunity 04 June 2013

    During the interview ask questions and exchange information. Inquire about daily roles and responsibilities. Learn about the leadership of the group, management styles, etc. Exchange information and discover mutual interests: Understand career ladders and advancement opportunities Find out what the...

    Keywords: exchange information, Interview questions, Interview questions, understand career

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    finish your work, office work at home, a technique for a complete day, Interview tips

    a technique for a 'complete' day... 03 December 2012

    Is your work incomplete by the end of every day? Does this make you yourself feel incomplete? Why living in this state of mind? Here are some quick tips, that could help you plan your day, right; Sounds childish, but...

    Keywords: workflow, work package, daily work, computer useage

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    Career Development, Tips for Job, job change ask why to you, Interview tips

    Job change? Ask why to you… 11 April 2012

    Because for more than anyone else involved in your life, it is important you should be satisfied with every bit of your life, keeping aside the so called statistics of what is right and what is wrong… apply this when...

    Keywords: Tips for Job, Career Development, Career Development, Job Change

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