• Women Power, Pakistani, women biking for women power, Inequality

    Women biking for Women power! 09 March 2013

    Women biking ,Women Power, Breaking inequality! On Friday, a group of determined women took to their bikes, riding through the Pakistani capital to demonstrate their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens....

    Keywords: equal rights, women rights, Women biking, equal rights

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    Raelians, topless Americans, women to protest inequality with topless parade, Inequality

    Women to protest inequality with topless parade 22 August 2013

    Americans have shed their clothes previously for myriad causes and campaigns and this time it's no different save for the fact that it's only women who will drop their  tops this time. Come 25th August, Sunday and you will see...

    Keywords: Go Topless Day, Go Topless Day, topless Americans, topless Americans

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