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  • Upasana Kamineni, Ram Charan's marriage, a wedding that holds mirror up to essence of indian culture, Indian culture

    A wedding that holds mirror up to essence of Indian culture 14 June 2012

    June 14 - this day has a special significance in the history of the country as it holds mirror up to the Indian culture, its essence and significance. The world came to whow what exactly is the royal Indian wedding...

    Keywords: Ram Charan's wedding, Ram Charan's marriage, Ram Charan's marriage, Upasana Kamineni

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    London, London, course on indian tradition by foreign versity, Indian culture

    Course on Indian tradition by foreign 'versity 05 July 2012

    The Leeds Metropolitan University based in London is all set to teach a course on Indian culture and tradition to the event management students in India. It may be noted that Leeds Metropolitan University entered into a pack with a...

    Keywords: course on Indian culture and tradtion, course on Indian culture and tradtion, Indian cultural heritage, course on Indian culture and tradtion

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    Festival of Colours, Festival of Colours, lath mar holi unity of humanity through the festival of colours, Indian culture

    Lath mar Holi ...unity of humanity through the Festival of Colours... 23 March 2013

    On March 21, 2013, an Indian woman from the village of Barsana hits villagers from Nandgaon with a wooden stick during the Lathmar Holi in Barsana.  Absolute interestingly, in a Holi tradition unique to India's Barsana and Nandgaon villages, men...

    Keywords: Bringing Unity of humanity, Nandgaon, Indian culture, Holi

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    matrimonial bliss, married woman, red bangles are in indian tradition, Indian culture

    'Red' bangles are in Indian tradition... 12 September 2012

    As such, bangles are considered to be one of the identities of Indian Woman, married Woman in particular... married woman, irrespective of the religion in India, prefer wearing red bangles is also known to us... but, today, let us know...

    Keywords: married woman, , married woman, life of a married woman

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    hindu bridal jewellery sets, importance of jewellery in Indian culture, significance of indian bridal jewellery, Indian culture

    Significance Of Indian Bridal Jewellery 12 April 2017

    Every culture and tradition has something to signify. The smallest of the practices to putting on any ornament, they all have some story behind them. India being a land of diverse cultures and traditions, dresses its daughters with different ornaments...

    Keywords: significance of Indian bridal jewellery, maang-tikka history, importance of jewellery in our life, hindu wedding jewellery

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    India, AP bifurcation, strangers in our own land vinavayya sambayya, Indian culture

    Strangers in our own land.....vinavayya Sambayya 07 August 2013

    Time and again, we hear of oppression and the eventual victory of the underdog. How many times have we enjoyed a film where the less privileged broke out of societal shackles to prove himself/herself? These stories are momentarily mesmerizing, eternally...

    Keywords: Indian culture, underdogs, AP bifurcation, United Andhra

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    State Contingent, Sword of Honour, give equal opportunity to girls in ncc antony, Indian culture

    Give Equal Opportunity to Girls in NCC: Antony 21 January 2012

    “The award of ‘Sword of Honour’ in two successive courses to NCC cadets at Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai is a tribute to the quality of training provided by NCC”, he said. Defence Minister AK Antony visited the NCC Republic Day...

    Keywords: Sword of Honour, Republic Day Camp, Sword of Honour, State Contingent

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    South Indian Masala Dosa, , five interesting things about indian culture, Indian culture

    Five Interesting Things About Indian Culture 03 October 2012

    Fact is that Indian culture is very interesting.Food,wedding traditions,cuisines,clothing and festivals all make India an interesting country. Blended with bottomless emotions and magnificent colors, there are many facts interesting about the Indian culture, but here are Five Most Interesting Things/Facts...

    Keywords: South Indian Masala Dosa, , Wedding, Onam Festival of Kerala

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    Indian culture and tradition, Jeevika, nri telugu girl to perform at london olympics, Indian culture

    NRI Telugu girl to perform at London Olympics 21 July 2012

    Giving performances at Olympics is no joke guys and it's really a matter of pride to all Telugus as a Telugu NRI girl got an opportunity to showcase her talent at London Olympics. Fourteen-year-old Jeevika Seri will perform a dance...

    Keywords: performances at London Olympics, Indian culture and tradition, performances at London Olympics, London Olympics

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    Saif Ali talks on kissing scenes, Kissing in public prohibited, saif ali describes kissing scenes in camera, Indian culture

    Saif Ali Describes Kissing Scenes in Camera 23 November 2013

    Hindi Actor Saif Ali Khan talked about the kissing scenes in Indian movies in a TV interview.  He said that the kissing scenes are not required as they do not suit Indian cinema. Saif Ali says that it is not...

    Keywords: Kissing in Indian culture, Serial kisser Imran Hashmi, Serial kisser Imran Hashmi, Saif Ali talks on kissing scenes

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    marriage testimony, Relationship tips, marriage stands as a testimony, Indian culture

    Marriage stands as a testimony 16 December 2011

    Marriage stands as a testimony to the cultures and customs of any society. There is no denying the fact that it is an integral part of Indian culture. Have you as an unmarried Indian woman, around and above 20 years...

    Keywords: marriage testimony, Indian Culture, Indian Culture, marriage testimony

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    symbaol of marriage, rings as modern fashion, why married woman need to wear a toe ring, Indian culture

    Why married Woman need to wear a toe ring??? 30 May 2012

    'I don't find any reason... marriage is something that has to do with commitment and working the relationship to sustain... how does wearing or not wearing a Mulgal Sutra, Bindi, Sindhoor or a toe ring would matter or affect the...

    Keywords: girl's toe ring, symbaol of marriage, toe ring, solah shringaar

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    Culture of Arranged Marriages, Shree Ganesh Pooja, the culture of arranged marriages in india, Indian culture

    The Culture of Arranged Marriages in India 14 August 2012

    The ceremony marks the culmination of the marriage process. During the ceremony gods are worshipped and rituals performed to bless the couple who are getting married. As is typical in Indian culture, there is no well-defined or 'correct' procedure for...

    Keywords: Hindu ceremony, Culture of Arranged Marriages, Indian culture, Arrival of the Baraat

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    Saree, Indian culture, why we look beautiful in traditional wear, Indian culture

    Why we look beautiful in traditional wear... 04 July 2012

    IT IS TRUE that modern posh life and western style of living has made Indian women to shed down their traditional outlook to some extent. Their dressing system has changed. They move out more than they did in earlier days,...

    Keywords: Woman, Round face, Saree, Saree

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    entered into wedlock, entered into wedlock, a wedding that holds mirror up to essence of indian culture, Indian culture

    A wedding that holds mirror up to essence of Indian culture 14 June 2012

    June 14 - this day has a special significance in the history of the country as it holds mirror up to the Indian culture, its essence and significance. The world came to whow what exactly is the royal Indian wedding...

    Keywords: Upasana Kamineni, Upasana Kamineni, Ram Charan's wedding, Upasana Kamineni

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