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    Shahid - Ileana... another false affair by B - Town... 04 December 2012

    Looks like for the success and a film to be in limelight, right from the days of shoot, B - Town can create 'real' life romance between any pair... Otherwise, just imagine… Shahid is many years old in the industry…...

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    ranbir yejawaani hai diwaani, ranbir and ileana, ranbir maintains a low profile, Ileana barfi

    Ranbir maintains a low profile... 28 November 2012

    Ranbir Kapoor who is otherwise known for his Casanova and 'Star' image is keen in maintaining a low profile these days... that too after the release and success of 'Barfi'... the Actor is just working in his fourth coming film,...

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    horoscope, real funny jokes, dono bhi anjana anjana, Ileana barfi

    Dono bhi, ‘Anjana – Anjana’! 30 August 2011

    ‘Anjana – Anjana’ the film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, released some time back. The songs and the pre promotion about the film created much hype, but the same did not help for the success of the film. As...

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