Hormonal imbalance

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  • Chowmein, Khap Panchayat, khap panchayats weird reasoning for rapes in state, Hormonal imbalance

    Khap Panchayats' weird reasoning for rapes in state 16 October 2012

    Khap Panchayat in Jind, Haryana has yet again made the news for blaming chowmein to be the reason for the rapes in the state. They mentioned that eating chowmein caused hormonal imbalance blinding the consumers with lust. "To my understanding,...

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    ability to think, tips for women, woman and mood swings, Hormonal imbalance

    Woman and Mood Swings... 17 August 2012

    If your family, friends and co-workers have been driving you nuts lately, and you feel as if you're losing your mind, you may suffer from mood swings. Mood swings have the uncanny ability to make you feel totally out of control and hypersensitive to...

    Keywords: Women mood swings, serotonin levels in brain, depression, reproductive

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