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  • Weird facts, Gay, homosexuality turns gays to normal, Homosexuality

    Homosexuality turns gays to normal! 02 June 2015

    Homosexuality, is the one issue which is constantly worrying the society for years. Especially during the recent years, the number of cases regarding the homosexuality has been increased.  For instance, Deepthi Tadanki, a Telugu filmmaker, is currently working on a...

    Keywords: Homosexuality, Homosexuality, Gay, Weird facts

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    Gay rights, protests, protest against publicizing homosexuality as a deviation in china, Homosexuality

    Protest against publicizing homosexuality as a deviation in China 10 September 2012

    A state publication in China has drawn the attention and criticism from gay right activists after it had mentioned Homosexuality to be a sexual deviance that needed treatment. The families of the kids who chose to be homosexual were enraged...

    Keywords: homosexual, protests, puberty, Hangzhou

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    Nielsen sex survey, wife swapping, india today reveals shocking facts, Homosexuality

    India Today reveals shocking facts 05 December 2012

    Nielsen Sex Survey was recently conducted in the four metros of the country, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata apart from 12 other lesser known places in the country like Kota, Moradabad, Kolhapur, Salem, Ratlam, Kottayam, Guntur, Asanol, Aizwal and...

    Keywords: sex life, India Today, wife swapping, Firstpost

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