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    Kids born preterm have high asthma risk 29 January 2014

    Children born preterm suffer not only when they are infants but also have the risk of developing asthama during their childhood days. A new research has revealed that preterm kids may develop  asthma and wheezing disorders in their childhood. The...

    Keywords: asthma, Kids born preterm have high asthma risk, asthma risk preterm kids, asthma and wheezing disorders

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    early death, neurohormonal-mediated emotional stress, living along leads to early death, Harvard medical school us

    Living along leads to early death 23 June 2012

    Do you like to live alone? Whether you live alone by chance or by choice, the new study reveals you increase the chances of early death. The study stated that social isolation leads to poor health and alter neurohormonal-mediated emotional...

    Keywords: early death, Harvard Medical School, early death, neurohormonal-mediated emotional stress

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