• Man with full hair, Man with full hair, women prefer men with a full head of hair, Hair tips

    Women prefer men with a full head of hair 09 July 2012

    Unlucky in love? Well, as phony as it may sound, but women are not very fond of men with receding hairline. That's the conclusion of a new research, which found that ladies looking for love on dating websites are five...

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    hair tips, hair tips, these 5 hair styles cuts your age by 50, Hair tips

    These 5 hair styles cuts your age by 50% 06 June 2015

    The older we get, the younger we try to be. Generally, we try to earn those looks through the way we dress, or getting habituated to trendy things. But compared to all of them, there is one more choice, in...

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    Hair tips, hair myths, 5 myths about hair you need to stop believing, Hair tips

    5 myths about hair, you need to stop believing 07 August 2015

    Myths are something that obstructs you to do, what you are supposed to do. Here are such myths about your hair, you need to stop following right now. 1. Plucking one gray hair will result in more gray hair in...

    Keywords: beauty tips, beauty tips, hair myths, hair myths

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    things that damage hair, Simple things that ruin your hair, things you are doing to damage your hair, Hair tips

    Things you are doing to damage your hair 01 August 2015

    Our everyday habits can cause lot of harm to hair. But we fail to notice the negative impact caused by them. Here are few often do things that damage hair. Straightner use: Usually straightened hair will make us look trendy...

    Keywords: things that damage hair, Things not to do to your hair, worst things that do to your hair, things that damage hair

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    diet, beauty, let your hair be strong to be long, Hair tips

    Let your hair be strong to be long! 24 May 2012

    This is not just an attractive tag line to promote a hair product, but a fact... for your hair to be long and beautiful, it should be long first... apart from taking all that extra care for your hair, let...

    Keywords: fatty acids, hair growing, hair growing, development on dandruff

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    Healthy hair, Andhra, stop hair loss with healthy hair tips, Hair tips

    Stop hair loss with healthy hair tips 04 October 2011

    Suffering from hair loss can be embarrassing because it makes you look older. However, it doesn't have to be that way... If you want to look young again, are sick of wearing hats, or combing it over make sure you...

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    Hair care routine process, Hair care routine process, how to build a healthy hair care routine, Hair tips

    How to Build a Healthy Hair Care Routine? 14 September 2022

    How to Build a Healthy Hair Care Routine?:- Everyone’s hair needs love and care. Keeping good hair is important as it brings a dynamic look. Taking special care of the hair is the need of the hour during the monsoon...

    Keywords: Hair care routine breaking news, Hair care routine updates, Hair care routine news, Hair care routine articles

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    Telugu videos, healthy hair, healthy hair represents healthy you, Hair tips

    Healthy hair represents healthy ‘You’ 26 September 2011

    Do you know, more recent the trend of long silky hair is ‘in’ again? It is not that just because considering fashion or trend you need to grow your hair, but it is a proven fact that Healthy hair represents...

    Keywords: Telugu movies., women wishesh, Telugu videos, Movie actors photos

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    Here are few tips to maintain hair tool clean, Ways to keep your hair tools clean, tips to keep your hair tools clean, Hair tips

    Tips to keep your hair tools clean 04 August 2015

    Usually hair brushes whether synthetic, natural, round, or paddle gets matted with dust and hair. Also curling and flat irons get coated with dried styling product. If you use these products as such may damage your hair. Here are a...

    Keywords: how to clean hair tools, How to maintain hair tools clean?, How to maintain hair tools clean?, Here are few tips to maintain hair tool clean

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    kim kardashian hair, jessica biel straight hair, quick n easy 10 hair styles, Hair tips

    Quick n Easy 10 Hair Styles 03 October 2010

    When you score a last-minute date, you don’t have to resort to just throwing your hair into a pony. Here are some seriously hot styles that will make him think you somehow spent hours primping for him.  when really you...

    Keywords: kristin davis hair, get hair like ashley green, kim kardashian hair tips, beyonce hairstyle pics

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    methods to grow long hair, Tips to prevent hair loss, don t stress keep the tresses, Hair tips

    Don't stress, keep the tresses 11 October 2013

    After experimenting with hundreds of tips to keep your hair firmly on the scalp, one would never guess the simpler remedies that can prevent hair stress. Yes, stress is the main culprit that provokes your hair to slide off your...

    Keywords: Tips for healthy hair, how to stop hairfall, Tips for healthy hair, how to improve hair growth

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    How to repair damaged hair after colouring?, Tips to control hair damage after colouring, ways to repair damaged hair after colouring, Hair tips

    Ways to repair damaged hair after colouring? 30 July 2015

    Most of us like to dye our hair for different occasions. It looks trendy and beautiful but it may eventually take a toll on the quality of hair. Here are some simple tips for damage control. Reduce shampooing: The hair...

    Keywords: Ways to repair damaged hair after colouring?, tips for colouring hair, tips for colouring hair, How to get back beauty of hair after colouring?

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    frizz, Winter proof your hair, winter proof your hair, Hair tips

    Winter proof your hair! 19 November 2013

    The winter is here and so are frizz, dry, split mane! Banish your hair blues with our expert tips and flaunt great tresses all along. The first step to great winter here is to cut down on shampooing. Unlike summers,...

    Keywords: hairfall, frizz, Hair Tips in Winter, frizz

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    natural remedies for dandruff, Beauty, never oil hair in dandruff, Hair tips

    Never oil hair in dandruff 12 December 2013

    For us Indians, hair oil seems to be the ultimate remedy for all hair woes. But mind you, oiling your hair when suffering from dandruff can only aggravate the itch and flake. Don't trust us? Read on. Dr. Vijay Singal,...

    Keywords: dandruff remedies, Indian dermatologist, don't oil hair in dandruff, Dr. Vijay Singal

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    kitchen ingredients for hair news, tips for hair loss, three special kitchen ingredients for a stronger hair, Hair tips

    Three Special Kitchen Ingredients For A Stronger Hair 22 October 2021

    Three Special Kitchen Ingredients For A Stronger Hair:- A long and stronger hair is the need for every girl. The constantly changing weather conditions and the pollution along with the erratic lifestyle left many losing hair. Several people use expensive...

    Keywords: Strong hair, kitchen ingredients for hair articles, food for hair fall, kitchen ingredients for hair articles

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    Products, Beauty, how to get shiny hair, Hair tips

    How to Get Shiny Hair 30 November 2011

    Dye It Right, When it comes to color, dark tresses like Ashley Greene's tend to look shinier than blond ones. But that doesn't mean highlighted hair is doomed to dullness. If you want to go lighter and you're concerned about...

    Keywords: Products, Hair, Fashion, Shiny

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    hair tips, hair tips, 3 homemade recipes for black shining hair, Hair tips

    3 homemade recipes for black shining hair 08 July 2015

    Lemon Juice and Vinegar RinseVinegar restores the pH of your hair, while the lemon juice gives a glow and shine Take a cup of water and squeeze the juice from the lemon and then mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider...

    Keywords: hair tips, hair tips, hair tips, beauty tips

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