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    Don't suffer in silence 13 December 2013

    Today women might talk about birds and bees openly and discuss everything under the sun quite unabashedly, but when it comes to talking about something important and worrying like vagina dryness, most women go tongue-tied. They choose to suffer in...

    Keywords: healthy women, vagina, vagina, problems in women

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    Gynaecologist visit news, Gynaecologist, 12 symptoms that should not be ignored as per your gynaecologist, Gynaecologist

    12 Symptoms that Should not be Ignored as per Your Gynaecologist 30 July 2020

    12 Symptoms that Should not be Ignored as per Your Gynaecologist:- Ever year, 21,000 women in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer. Though they are well aware of the symptoms, most of them ignore which could not save...

    Keywords: Gynaecologist related health issues, women diseases, women diseases, women periods and diseases

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    baby, Arabic, miraculously five organ transplant patient gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Gynaecologist

    Miraculously five-organ transplant patient gives birth to a healthy baby girl! 14 March 2013

    A woman who was given a new liver, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestines at a Miami hospital in 2007 has delivered a healthy baby girl, believed to be the first known case of a five-organ transplant patient giving...

    Keywords: gynaecologists, gynaecologists, five transplanted organs, University of Miami Health System

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    fighting female foeticide in Maharashtra, gynaecologist in pune, a nobleman a noble act, Gynaecologist

    A nobleman a noble act! 19 February 2013

    Dr Ganesh Rakh, in the last one year, has seen 144 girls born at the 20-bed multispeciality hospital he owns in Pune. As a matter of fact, their parents were not charged a penny for the deliveries while also they...

    Keywords: Maharashtra sex ratio, baby girls, Dr Ganesh Rakh multispeciality hospital in pune, Dr Ganesh Rakh multispeciality hospital in pune

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