• Paris attack, paris blast attack, paris attacks at least 140 died in gunfire and blasts, Gunfire

    Paris attacks: At least 140 died in gunfire and blasts 14 November 2015

    At least 140 people died and many injured in Bataclan concert hall, Paris, in a horrifying gunfire and blast attack. When the Eagles of Death Metal, an American band from Los Angeles, were entertaining the audience at the night club,...

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    Gunfire, suspended soccer, mexican soccer match suspended due to gunfire, Gunfire

    Mexican soccer match suspended due to gunfire 22 August 2011

    The match between Mexico's Santos and Morelia teams was suspended due to gunfire outside Corona stadium in the city of Torreon, but no one was injured, team officials said. The match, which was part of the sixth week of the...

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    kabul, kabul, suicide bombing followed by gunfire have shaken down kabul, Gunfire

    Suicide bombing followed by gunfire have shaken down Kabul 21 January 2013

    A suicide car-bombing followed by several other explosions and gunfire rocked western Kabul around dawn on Monday. It seems, the first large explosion was a suicide car bomb and was followed by several other blasts and gunfire. This has resulted...

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    school shooting, Gunfire, mexico 15 year old shoots his classmate teacher kills himself, Gunfire

    Mexico: 15-Year-Old Shoots his Classmate & Teacher, Kills Himself 19 January 2017

    In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old student shot his teacher and two other students in the head before killing himself. The incident took place at a private school in this northern Mexico city Wednesday. Another student also suffered lesser injuries...

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    New Jersey gunbattle new, New Jersey gunbattle news, new jersey fire six including a cop killed in gunbattle, Gunfire

    New Jersey Fire: Six Including a Cop Killed in Gunbattle 11 December 2019

    New Jersey Fire: Six Including a Cop Killed in Gunbattle:- Six people including a senior cop got killed in a furious gunbattle in New Jersey on Tuesday (local time). The streets of Jersey were filled with sounds of heavy fire...

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