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  • CBI, Gujarat Police, ishrat jahan fake encounter case comes to logical end, Gujarat police

    Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case comes to logical end 08 June 2015

    The much hyped and discussed alleged fake encounter case of Ishrat Jahan comes to closure by denying permission to prosecute ex-IB official. The government has turned down the request of CBI for granting prosecution sanction of four IB officials, including...

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    encounter, , chargesheet against prajapati s fake encounter, Gujarat police

    Chargesheet against Prajapati's fake encounter 03 September 2012

    On Monday, the CBI had told the Supreme Court that a chargesheet would be filed against the alleged encounter killing of Tulsiram Prajapati in Gujarat in 2006. Earlier the CBI had been given several extensios to file the chargesheet but...

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    Gujarat policeman dancing with woman, Gujarat police, cop caught dancing with bar girl, Gujarat police

    Cop caught dancing with bar girl 26 December 2014

    In a shameful act, a sub-inspector of Surat Police was caught dancing with bar girl when he was on duty. This video was first shared in instant messenger, WhatsApp and is currently going viral in YouTube. The video reached the...

    Keywords: Surat, police dancing with bar girl, police caught with bar girl, bar girl

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    Swami Nithyananda updates, Swami Nithyananda latest, swami nithyananda fled from the country says cops, Gujarat police

    Swami Nithyananda Fled From The Country Says Cops 22 November 2019

    Swami Nithyananda Fled From The Country Says Cops:- Swami Nithyananda who is called as self-styled godman landed into several controversies. A criminal case has been booked against him and the Gujarat cops are working hard to gather strong evidence against...

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    Gujarat Police, Amit Shah, amit shah set free, Gujarat police

    Amit Shah set free 30 December 2014

    Bharatiya Janata Party National President Amit Shah has been dropped from the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case on Tuesday. A special CBI court has dismissed the charges on Amit Shah and said, “The CBI's inference is not acceptable, Amit Shah stands...

    Keywords: fake encounter, Sohrabuddin fake encounter, CBI, Gujarat Police

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