• Des Moines, , google pays tribute to amelia mary earhart with a google doodle on her 115th birthday, Google pay

    Google pays tribute to Amelia Mary Earhart with a Google Doodle on her 115th birthday 24 July 2012

    Google, the search engine giant, has dedicated a doodle to Amelia Mary Earhart today on the occasion of her 115th birthday. Amelia was an American author and an Aviation enthusiast. Amelia was the first aviatrix to fly across the Atlantic...

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    Google Pay latest updates, Google, google pay to offer loans to indian merchants, Google pay

    Google Pay To Offer Loans To Indian Merchants 26 June 2020

    Google Pay To Offer Loans To Indian Merchants:- Google said that it is ready to offer credits for millions of Indian merchants through its payment app 'Google Pay'. Google is keen to help small businesses in India that are badly...

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    Google’s tribute to Shankuntala Devi, Annamali University Shakuntala Devi, google pays tributes to indian human computer, Google pay

    Google Pays Tributes to Indian Human Computer 04 November 2013

    Google pays tributes with a doodle to Shankuntala Devi who belonged to Bangalore calculated cube root of 188138517 competing with a computer in Dallas in 1977 and she came with the right answer first defeating the computer.  Then in 1980,...

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    Google Pay for Apple, Google Pay glitch, google pay app removed from apple s app store, Google pay

    Google Pay App Removed From Apple's App Store 26 October 2020

    Google Pay App Removed From Apple's App Store:- Google's payment app Google Pay has been removed from the App Store of Apple. Google Pay is one of the most popular apps that is used for digital payment. It is available...

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