• Yahoo, emails via servers India, yahoo gmail asked to route all emails via servers in india, Gmail

    Yahoo, Gmail asked to route all emails via servers in India 22 February 2012

    Govt of India would be asking soon all the internet content providers like Yahoo, Gmail and others to route all the emails through the govt servers even if the account holder is registered outside the country. As these condition was arised...

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    sending mails, embarrassment, forgetting gmail attachments, Gmail

    Forgetting GMail attachments? 27 April 2013

    GMail has become the most common mode of exchanging e-mails and conveying information among different parties. However, there are some major problems associated with this that will cause you lots of embarrassment. Every now and then people forget adding the...

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    Test the G Drive, Gmail gets bigger, gmail gets bigger with 10gb storage, Gmail

    Gmail gets bigger with 10GB storage 25 April 2012

    Gmail the ultimate business tool for all sizes of business has enhanced its facility with a motto for richer experience. Google in its endeavor to give richer experience to its clients has turned out the ultimatum in search, mail and...

    Keywords: Google ultimate, earn by google, earn by google, Google ultimate

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    Google, Gmail, google launches free sms in mail, Gmail

    Google launches Free SMS in mail 12 October 2012

    Yesterday, Google has decided to make a silent release of its latest service on the free email, Gmail providing free messaging all over the world to the users. The service is paid to the Google apps customers though. With this...

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    Google, Google+ connection, now send emails with google accounts, Gmail

    Now send Emails with Google+ accounts 10 January 2014

    Google on Friday introduced vital changes in Gmail and Google+. Now any user can send mail to other user without actually knowing their email address. This means a user can get a mail from people not in your address book...

    Keywords: Google, email, email, Google product manager Davud Nachum

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    , google email, google reads all your mails says microsoft, Gmail

    Google reads all your mails says Microsoft 09 February 2013

    How many of you wouldn't bother a person behind your shoulders reading all your emails all the time? I can guarantee you; none. The point is not about secrecy but honoring a persons privacy which is a fundamental right of...

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    friend ship day, youtube videos de musica, w3 day for common man, Gmail

    W3 day for common man 06 August 2012

    As I talk of this man who made distant continents nearer with the stroke of an 'enter' key, I remember the famous sayings of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lives of great men all remind usWe can make our lives sublime...Footprints on...

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    Google Meet, Google services breaking updates, google and other related services down across the world, Gmail

    Google And Other Related Services Down Across The World 14 December 2020

    Google And Other Related Services Down Across The World:- Google, the leader in search engine and its services went down for the past few hours across the globe. Google search including Gmail, YouTube and other services are down for most...

    Keywords: Google services, Google services, Google services updates, Google services breaking updates

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    Gmail, Gmail, google provides undo send feature to cancel delivery of wrongly sent mail, Gmail

    Google provides “undo send” feature to cancel delivery of wrongly sent mail 24 June 2015

    Google will be providing an option to make it easier to avoid getting into trouble with a misdirected or inappropriate email. Google has introduced an option to cancel the delivery of an email within 30 seconds after hitting the send...

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    Gmail blocked, Great Firewall, gmail blocked in china, Gmail

    Gmail blocked in China 29 December 2014

    Google's Gmail has been blocked in China since Friday and still there is no access to the largest mail service provider. The Great Firewall is being blamed in the issue while the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, she had no...

    Keywords: Great Firewall, Google's Gmail, China Internet Censorship, Google services

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    india-maldives trade relation, gmr $ 500 million deal, gmr maldives 500 million gmial deal scrapped india refuses to be silent, Gmail

    GMR-Maldives $ 500 million GMIAL deal scrapped ; India refuses to be silent 28 November 2012

    India's ambition to become the regional economic superpower in south east Asia is facing setbacks. In a very surprising manner the Maldivian government terminated its agreement with Indian infrastructure giant GMR group to manage the international airport in Male.  The...

    Keywords: gmr group, gmail deal, maldives govt deposes gmr deal, maldives govt deposes gmr deal

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