• how to prepare Adrak ka Achaar, simple preparation of ginger pickle, recipe preparation of adrak ka achaar, Ginger

    Recipe: Preparation of Adrak ka Achaar 10 June 2015

    Ginger pickle is one of the tastiest and healthiest pickle. It is very popular spicy pickle from Andhra cuisine. Here is a simple preparation of Adrak ka Achaar, prepare this at your home and enjoy its delicious taste. Cooking time:...

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    Engineering group Ginger, 87.8 tonnes, eiffel tower could become world s largest tree, Ginger

    Eiffel Tower could become 'world's largest tree' 01 December 2011

    The Eiffel Tower could be transformed into the world's largest tree if a project to cover the iconic structure's 327-metre height with plants comes to fruition,A newspaper called Le Figaro reported on Wednesday. Engineering group Ginger, specialised in 'green' architecture, has...

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    ginger health benefits, ginger health benefits, ginger does wonder, Ginger

    Ginger does Wonder! 11 February 2013

    Ginger has long been used in food as a reason of it's wonderful medicinal properties especially during cold, having a cup of 'kadak adraki chai' can give us instant relief. At the same time, while on a cold winter morning,...

    Keywords: ginger for food poisoning, ginger health benefits, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory

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    Chicken, lightly seasoned chicken, chicken with ginger chutney, Ginger

    Chicken with Ginger Chutney 28 November 2011

    Chutney is always a good accompaniment for chicken. Here, the chutney is a quickly prepared combination of pan-cooked cherries, apples, ginger, brown sugar, and walnuts that perfectly complement the flavor of the lightly seasoned chicken. If you'd rather use a...

    Keywords: Chicken, Chicken with Ginger Chutney, lightly seasoned chicken, Chicken recipe

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    Turmeric/Curcumin, Fennel, 8 indian spices that prevent cancer, Ginger

    8 Indian spices that prevent cancer 13 August 2012

    Not every battle is struck by a wave of violence and not every fight culminates in bloodshed. When the opposition in question is an adamant disease like cancer, our armoury should be packed with a lifestyle of regular health check-ups...

    Keywords: spices that prevent cancer, Ginger, Oregano, Cinnamon

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    spice new mobile, spice stellar xtacy mi 352, spice rolls out new android hand set, Ginger

    Spice rolls out new Android hand set 19 January 2013

    Smart phone major, Spice has rolled out a new Android phone in to the Indian market, which runs on Gingerbread operating system. Named Stellar Xtacy Mi-352, this phone comes at a price of Rs. 4,600. It has got 3.5 inch...

    Keywords: spice gingerbread, spice stellar xtacy mi 352, spice android, spice gingerbread

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    healthy soups, healthy soups, tasty ginger soup, Ginger

    Tasty Ginger soup 08 July 2015

    Soup is a quick, hot meal that offers many health benefits. Ginger soup is one of the best choice to start any meal. So, give yourself a healthful boost by preparing this at your home. IngredientsGinger - 2 tblsp, finely...

    Keywords: preparation of ginger soups, ginger soup preparation, ginger soup preparation, preparation of healthy soups

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    Ajman., ginger, bubbling and foamy 10 000 cups a day, Ginger

    Bubbling and foamy 10,000 cups a day! 19 August 2013

    Interestingly, the well known teapot-shaped Al Breej stall is initiating another giant kettle during December in an unrevealed location in Sharjah. Al Breej, which serves nearly 9,000-10,000 cups of tea and coffee a day, is presently located on the Corniche...

    Keywords: 000 cups a day, UAE National Day, Iraqi, Kashmiri

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    karbonn a2, micromax ninja, micromax v s karbonn, Ginger

    Micromax v/s Karbonn 04 February 2013

    After the launch of four-inch smart phone by Karbonn (named A2) for just Rs.4999, Micromax, which banked heavily on its Ninja smart phone has reduced the prices of the same piece to a great extent to apparently ensure that people...

    Keywords: karbonn a2, micromax android ice cream sandwich, micromax android gingerbread, micromax ninja

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    Thwarted patenting Ginger, Thwarted patenting Ginger, pirating indian ginger patenting thwarted by alert authorities, Ginger

    Pirating Indian Ginger patenting, thwarted by alert authorities 05 January 2012

    Indian civilization has been growing up with Ginger ever since ages and in a recent incident, the British patent agency received a patent application. It was from a British pharmaceutical company for patenting Ginger. Instant action by the Indian authorities...

    Keywords: Ginger cures cold, Thwarted patenting Ginger, Ginger patent, Ginger Medicinal

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    asthma, asthma health tips, ginger diminishes asthma, Ginger

    Ginger diminishes asthma! 31 May 2013

    A study has brought into prominence while it revealed the fact that natural spicing with ginger in actuality can deal more critically with asthma medications an treating it effectively. Scientists were known to have discovered that components included in the...

    Keywords: ginger mitigates asthma, bronchial tubes, therapeutics, laboratory tests

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    Lemon-Ginger Combination, Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss, five best ways to use lemon and ginger for quick weight loss, Ginger

    Five Best Ways To Use Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss 15 September 2017

    Five Best Ways To Use Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss:- Many weight loss experts and dietitians recommend the two super foods, lemon and ginger to people looking to loose weight faster and in a healthy way. Lemon and...

    Keywords: Fat Burner Drink, Health And Wellness, Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss, Superfoods Lemon And Ginger

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    ginger and honey, honey and ginger, battling the cold wave weird cough remedies, Ginger

    Battling the cold wave: Weird Cough Remedies 07 January 2013

    Cold has been shaking the nation from the bone with temperatures that are going below the freezing point in many parts of North India. The cold wave has also taken its toll on the lives of humans, and what most...

    Keywords: ginger and honey, honey and ginger, cough home remedies, cough home remedies

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    Raw ginger, Raw ginger, tip for kitchen medicine, Ginger

    Tip for Kitchen Medicine 10 December 2011

    Winter is here, and so is the season of the common cold as well as training injuries. In Oriental medicine, there is a therapy termed “kitchen medicine”, which basically means that food is medicine. Living in the Northwest,  many patients...

    Keywords: Oriental medicine, Tip for Kitchen Medicine, kitchen remedies, Tip for Kitchen Medicine

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    Newt Gingrich affair, Newt Gingrich affair, could herman cain overcome the latest allegations, Ginger

    Could Herman Cain overcome the latest allegations? 30 November 2011

    "Here we go again," Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain said on CNN Monday, just before Ginger White, an Atlanta-based woman, alleged she had a 13-year-long extramarital affair with Cain. Cain denied the allegation, insisting that he -- and the American...

    Keywords: divorce Nelson Rockefeller, political sex scandal, 13-year-long extramarital affair, Herman Cain affair

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    ginger and water, ginger and water, chilly prawns, Ginger

    Chilly prawns.. 30 August 2012

    Ingredients: 5 tbsp light soy sauce, 5 tbsp white wine, 1 dried red chilly (finely chopped), 2 garlic cloves (finely sliced), 2 tsp grated ginger, 5 tbsp water, 1 ¼ lbs king sized prawns, 5 spring onions (sliced), 3 oz...

    Keywords: ginger and water, ginger and water, chillies, white wine

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