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    How to Control Food Cravings 11 July 2016

    Do you feel hungry often? You can’t resist your food cravings? For those who are dieting, food craving is the worst enemy. Mostly people crave for food which are highly procesed like junk foods which are high in sugar.If you...

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    how to reduce food cravings, Spinach extract can reduce food craving, spinach is rescue for food craving finds study, Food cravings

    Spinach is rescue for food craving, finds study 05 August 2015

    A compound found in spinach can slow down fat digestion, leading to reduced hunger and food craving especially in men, according to a new study. Thylakoids encouraged the release of satiety hormones, which was beneficial in slowing down fat digestion.The...

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    Healthy Food Fixes During Pregnancy, Pregnancy, pregnancy cravings for woman, Food cravings

    Pregnancy Cravings For Woman 17 August 2017

    Pregnancy Cravings For Woman:- During pregnancy, most of the women experience food cravings at some point or the other. While these cravings might be for a specific type of cuisine or unusual food, they typically include the desire for sweet,...

    Keywords: Food Cravings For Woman During Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Healthy Food Fixes During Pregnancy, Pregnancy Cravings For Woman

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