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  • Finance tips for start ups, Finance tips for start ups, 5 finance tips for start ups, Finance tips

    5 Finance tips for start ups 25 May 2016

    A small business or a start up really needs a good financial planning, otherwise the things go terribly wrong. Here are the five tips, you should keep in mind,  during the initial stages of running a small business.1. Maintain a...

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    finance tips, money, 7 tips to follow before retirement, Finance tips

    7 tips to follow, before retirement 30 June 2015

    Imagination is far different from the practicality. So the retirement may invite us any time, before the actual date. So it is better to get prepared, rather than worrying in the last minute. Here are the few tips to follow...

    Keywords: money, Retirement, Retirement, finance tips

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    Investment, Long term investments, plan long term enjoy life time, Finance tips

    Plan long term, enjoy life time 29 May 2015

    Invest the money in a smarter way. Draw the plans, classify your income on various things and estimate which plan actually benefits you.Always invest for the long term. Set the long term goals which are more than 5 years and...

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    money tips, finance education, financial education what is that, Finance tips

    Financial education? What is that? 24 June 2015

    Personal finance education is all about learning to manage the money well, keeping the debt under control and investing for the future.  Here is a simple step regarding the financial education.Also read: Plan long term, enjoy life timeUse professional language:...

    Keywords: money tips, Finance tips, Finance tips, finance education

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    finance tips, money saving tips, 3 finance tips for newlyweds, Finance tips

    3 finance tips for newlyweds 11 July 2015

    Most of the disparities between the couple occur due to the lack of proper financial discussions and are being parted away. To avoid those, follow the below tips. Financial discussions first Many of the couples think that, finance is something...

    Keywords: finance tips, money saving tips, money saving tips, money saving tips

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    Finance tips, tips, think long term, Finance tips

    Think long term 27 April 2015

    Always think for a long term financial needs. Have a proper self control, if you cannot do that, the consequences will always be very severe. Just have a proper analysis of what can be avoided at present or what can...

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    income tips, Money, increase your annual income this way, Finance tips

    Increase your annual income this way 28 May 2015

    Who does not wish to increase their income?, be it poor or a rich, every person has to run back of money on these days with no other choice left, other than facing the critical fate.Here is a way which...

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    Finance tips, money, avoid monotony to get financial strength, Finance tips

    Avoid monotony to get financial strength 30 May 2015

    Needless to say that, the fruits that come out of the risk we take, are more sweeter. It might be a proven fact to every human being. Firstly, come out of the comfort zone, that will yield you better. Be...

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    finance tips to housewives, housewife house tips, 4 sure shot finance tips to housewives, Finance tips

    4 sure shot finance tips to housewives 08 August 2015

    If every state in the country has a home minister to control the affairs of the state, there is and should be a home minister in every wife, to control the financial affairs in her house. Here are a few...

    Keywords: housewife house tips, housewife house tips, housewives finance tips, finance tips

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    Finance tips, Finance tips, 5 finance tips to follow in 20s, Finance tips

    5 finance tips to follow in 20s 18 July 2015

    If not now, then when? Start being back of your parents and start wandering about your money, which would all be yours, if you succeed in it. The below tips help you in finding your way in terms of finance....

    Keywords: Finance tips, Finance tips, money saving tips, money saving tips

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    Money, Budget, practically save your money like this, Finance tips

    Practically save your money like this 24 April 2015

    You planned a budget in the beginning of the month and just after a week, you came to know that you are going out of it or unable to tackle it, try this way. Example :  If you are budgeted...

    Keywords: Budget, Money, Finance tips, savings

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    money saving tips, money saving tips, 3 finance tips to discuss with your spouse, Finance tips

    3 finance tips, to discuss with your spouse 05 December 2015

    Communication is no doubt a fantastic idea to solve the several issues in life, and more importantly, it is necessary, between the husband and wife, to plan the budget and save the money. Here are the simple tips to prepare...

    Keywords: money saving tips, budget planning tips, money saving tips, money saving tips

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