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    Perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone! 15 November 2012

    Choosing the right lip color isn't as simple as it might seem. We've all seen someone wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and, chances are, at some point or another we were that person. The two most important factors to...

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    eye shadow, skin care, makeup to look the best, Fair skin

    Makeup to look the best 16 February 2013

    The makeup is done and just before leaving for that special occasion or an outing you will feel, 'no, this is not me. The makeup is not suiting me at all'... this is because you did not choose a right...

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    Skin whitening tips, fair skin, skin tan for you man, Fair skin

    Skin tan for You Man? 31 July 2012

    This morning my hubby was looking into the mirror and suddenly asked me what he should do to get rid of dark skin on his cheek bones? This was an unexpected question from someone who never bothered much about his...

    Keywords: morning my hubby, morning my hubby, Skin tan for You Man, fair skin

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    skin on face, dull skin, bearing a dull skin, Fair skin

    Bearing a dull skin? 13 December 2012

    What more painful it could be rather than bearing that dullness in your face??? You might have tried n number of tips to get rid of your dull skin and transform your skin with a natural glow... but, have you...

    Keywords: dull skin, skin care tips, white heads face, moisturizing face

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    fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair skin beauty tips, Fair skin

    Fair Skin Beauty Tips 25 July 2011

    1. Keep in mind that women who are fair, should always aim for pink and neutral tones when choosing makeup. 2. The best beauty tip for basic makeup is the ivory tinted moisturizer. It is best for your skin tone....

    Keywords: fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips

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    Be fair! 17 November 2011

    Who does not want a fairer looking skin? And those, who are not by birth blessed with a fair complexion, will strive to get that fair complexion. The never decreasing demand for all those fairness products is the example of...

    Keywords: tips for women, beauty tips, healthy tips, beauty tips

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    fair skinned people, fair skinned people, flaunt luscious red lips, Fair skin

    Flaunt luscious red lips 08 January 2014

    What do Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift have in common? Their signature red pout. Gloss, colored chapsticks and nude lipsticks are so passe! It's seriously the time to go foxy with full-strength red on your mouth. Daring, luscious...

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