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  • Assi Nabbe Poorey Sau, Samantha, samantha makes debut in bollywood, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha makes debut in Bollywood 24 April 2014

    Dusky beauty Samantha is making her debut in Bollywood  following the request of her guru and director Goutham Vasudev Menon. Samantha will be seen in female protagonist role in the remake of Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu [YVM] in Hindi titled Assi...

    Keywords: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu remake, director Goutham Vasudev Menon, Goutham Vasudev Menon

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    yeto vellipoindi review, tollywood yeto vellipoindi manasu, yeto vellipoyindi manasu the love entertainer of the year, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    'Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu'... the love entertainer of the year... 14 December 2012

    Nani-Samantha's chemistry that is no less than the 'real life couple who are in deep love'... the love story that depicts 3 various ages and phases of love in that time... a movie that talks about the journey of love...

    Keywords: yvm release, gautam menon yeto vellipoindi manasu, tollywood yeto vellipoindi manasu, yeto vellipoindi review

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    samantha naga chaitanya, samantha em maya chesave, samantha the lucky lady for n t r, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha... the lucky lady for N.T.R.??? 08 December 2012

    As such, right from Star heroes to Young heroes in film industry today, every Actor wants to do a film with Samantha... this lady has become a first choice for any hero... it is because of the lack of dates...

    Keywords: dil raju jr ntr, samantha auto nagar surya, samantha new stills, samantha latest gallery

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    eega movie, sir vacharu movie, all focus on yeto vellipoyindi manasu, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    All focus on 'Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu'... 13 December 2012

    Finally the wait is over... from couple of months, we have been getting entertained watching the trailers and listening to the songs of Gautam Menon's bi-lingual flick, 'Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu'... but, the release date of the film is announced on...

    Keywords: ravi teja, ravi teja, ravi teja, eega movie

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    hero mahesh gallery, seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu, mahesh replaces vijay in gautam s next, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Mahesh replaces Vijay in Gautam's next??? 02 November 2012

    K-Town's Star Hero Vijay was the first choice for the film maker, Gautam Menon's next film... yes, this is the talk that is going on in the Industry... the film maker approached Vijay first, narrated the script... the Actor felt...

    Keywords: eto vellipoindi manasu, mahesh babu, director gautham menon, dookudu

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    samantha yvm, samantha gautam menon, glamorous heroine speaks her heart out, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Glamorous heroine speaks her heart out 21 November 2012

    Gorgeous actress Samantha, who is playing female lead of Gautam Menon's Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu, has spoken her heart out on working this project in both Tamil and Telugu versions. She said working for this flick was challenging as well as...

    Keywords: ye maya chesave, samantha naga chaitanyanya, gorgeous actresses photos, gorgeous actresses photos

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    yash raj band nani, nani yashraj films, nani bags a jackpot joins yash raj band, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Nani bags a Jackpot, joins Yash Raj band? 03 December 2012

    Hero Nani is going places... his popularity is not only increased in T-Town, but even in K-Town, with the films like 'Eega'... the Actor has been clever enough to choose roles and films as well... All the three upcoming films...

    Keywords: hero nani, yeto vellipoindi manasu movie trailer, hero nani, pilla jamindaar

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    yvm movie review, yvm samantha, yeto vellipoindi manasu, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu 14 December 2012

    Film : Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh Director : Gautham Menon Star Cast : Nani,Samantha,Krishnudu, Vidhyu, Anupama.. Music Director : Ilayaraja Rating: 3.25/5 The much awaited movie of the year by Gautham Menon has hit the theatres across...

    Keywords: yvm release date, yeto vellipoindi manasu review, yvm samantha, yvm samantha

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    yeto vellipoindi manasu, samantha, samantha s long term wish to come true in new year, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha's long term wish to come true in New Year... 24 November 2012

    Actress Samantha who is no doubt in a number one position in T-Town, is already celebrating the New year, right from now... Apart from Bagging a lead role opposite none other than Power Star and also working on being second...

    Keywords: samantha, actress samantha, samantha, samantha eega

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    samantha changed, sirimalle samantha svsc, 2012 is lucky for jessie, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    2012 is lucky for Jessie 19 December 2012

    Gorgeous actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu might have shot into limelight two years ago itself as Jessie, but 2012 was undoubtedly a crucial one for her as it was in this year that her career graphs shot to pitch and received...

    Keywords: samantha yeto vellipoindi manasu, samantha nani kiss, samantha face changed, ss rajamouli eega movie

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    yvm december 24, yvm release finalized, yvm gets release date, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    YVM gets release date 26 November 2012

    Nani-Samantha starrer Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu is all set to hit screens on December 14. This news was confirmed by the film unit. There has been much hype on this movie given that it's directed by Gautam Menon. Music maestro Ilayaraja...

    Keywords: yeto vellipoindi manasu, samantha yvm, gautam menon next movie, yvm december 24

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    sarocharu movie, ravi teja sarocharu, sarocharu movie review will it make it big at box office wait for some more time, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Sarocharu movie review: Will it make it big at box office? Wait for some more time... 21 December 2012

    Ravi Teja starrer Sarocharu movie has been released today across the globe. This movie has been hyped so much by the film unit and therefore their expectations from this movie are apparently high. However, Sarocharu was unable to catch up...

    Keywords: ravi teja sarocharu, yeto vellipoindi manasu sarocharu, yeto vellipoindi manasu sarocharu, sarocharu movie

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    yeto vellipoindi manasu review, yeto vellipoindi manasu nani, nani s role is over, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Nani's role is over 27 November 2012

    Tollywood actor Nani has completed giving dubbing for his forth coming big project, Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu. Directed by Gautam Menon in Telugu and Tamil versions, YVM has Nani in the lead in Telugu version while Jeeva in Tamil. However, heroine...

    Keywords: yeto vellipoindi manasu review, yeto vellipoindi manasu, yvm, ilayaraja yeto vellipoindi manasu

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    yvm release, yeto vellipoindi review, yvm review yeto vellipoindi manasu evokes good response, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    YVM review: Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu evokes good response 14 December 2012

    The much awaited film Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu has finally hit the theatres. There has been so much rush outside many theatres in Hyderabad especially moments at around 10 am. People are all anxious to watch yet another love sage of...

    Keywords: yeto vellipoindi review, tollywood yeto vellipoindi manasu, yeto vellipoindi review, yvm review

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    goutham menon yeto vellipoindi manasu, music director ilayaraja, ilayaraja s music to be bliss for yeto vellipoyindi manasu, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Ilayaraja's music to be bliss for 'Yeto Vellipoyindi manasu'... 04 December 2012

    Gautam Menon's prestigious project, 'Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu' that is being made in Tamil simultaneously titled Neethaane En Ponvasantham... The movie is scheduled for a release this month 14th, in both the languages. Samantha being the lead lady in both the...

    Keywords: nani yvm, samantha yeto vellipoindi manasu, ilayaraja, yeto vellipoyindi manasu

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    yvm release, yvm audio, yvm post production works underway, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    YVM post-production works underway 20 November 2012

    Gautam Menon's prestigious project, Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu, is gearing up for a gala release this December. While the main part shooting is already completed, currently post production works are underway. In fact, the protagonist of this film, Nani started giving...

    Keywords: gautam menon samantha, post production, yvm audio, yeto vellipoindi manasu

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    Gautam Menon, Ye Maya Chesave, will yvm put samantha in limelight again, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Will YVM put Samantha in limelight again! 23 August 2012

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who received a good break with her first film Ye Maya Cheave (YMC), directed by noted film maker Gautam Menon unfortunately didn't receive any major hits after YMC. Although Eega played well at box office, the main...

    Keywords: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Gautam Menon, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Samantha Ruth Prabhu

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    yeto vellipoindi manasu, yvm, samantha s magic next month, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha's magic next month 17 November 2012

    The shooting part of Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu is almost complete, as per the sources. Gautam Menon's YVM has been creating waves among film circles even since the shooting started given it's Gautam Menon's film and has Samantha in the lead....

    Keywords: gautam menon, samantha nani, yvm release, samantha

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    samantha dookudu, samantha eega, samantha says she is a foodie, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha says she is a foodie... 10 December 2012

    'The taste of your food will mainly depend upon who serving it and with how much of love and attention the food is served... when I am shooting, I don't consider what I am eating, at all... I just make...

    Keywords: actress samantha, samantha naga chaitanya, samantha latest gallery, samantha eega

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    samantha lover, samantha nani, samantha s beauty secret, Eto vellipoindi manasu

    Samantha's beauty secret... 19 January 2013

    I am sure; almost all those who belong to female creed, irrespective of their age will click on this article, on having a look on the title. Well, I will not disappoint you. Let me reveal the beauty secret of...

    Keywords: samantha marriage, samantha marriage, samantha lover, samantha latest movie

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