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    Aggressive, but still loves, because she is a woman 16 December 2015

    How high, the responsibilities are and how huge pressures, she have from the society, a woman would still be ready to face those, for her family. But if the same family, turns against her, just because, she is a girl,...

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    viral videos, viral videos, husband made sure his wife recovers after his death, Emotional videos

    Husband made sure his wife recovers after his death 12 December 2015

    Few love their wives to that extent, where the wives do not know how to live without their husbands. Until you both are together, it works, but what is the position of wife, if there comes a situation, where the...

    Keywords: viral videos, emotional videos, husband death wife recovery, viral videos

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    dad daughter relationship, dad daughter relationship, too much of love on dad worries daughters, Emotional videos

    Too much of love on dad, worries daughters! 17 December 2015

    There is no such rule that sons should be closer to mother and daughters to their fathers. But even then, almost the same happens in every family. The daughter and father develop unconditional love between them. That love makes the...

    Keywords: emotional videos, dad daughter relationship, viral videos, viral videos

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    viral videos, emotional videos, farmers brutally honest message, Emotional videos

    Farmers brutally honest message 28 March 2016

    “We die after feeding you”. This is what most of the farmers are saying to the country. But except one or two biggies like Nana Patekar, Akshay Kumar, no one are coming forward for the farmer’s rescue. They commit suicide...

    Keywords: viral videos, emotional videos, farmers, farmers

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    viral videos, viral videos, nurses share their patients last words, Emotional videos

    Nurses share their patients last words 25 February 2016

    What are the last words your loved ones said to you just before they die? You might not know it, but the nurses in the hospitals do. Most of the last words of the patients are heard by the nurses...

    Keywords: viral videos, last words, viral videos, viral videos

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    Emotional letter to wife, Emotional letter to wife, emotional letter to wife after moving away, Emotional videos

    Emotional letter to wife, after moving away 25 January 2016

    In this competitive world, there is no other option, other than facing the bitter circumstances, to lead a successful life. To face such circumstances, sometimes, we should even get ready to stay away from family and move to the far...

    Keywords: Emotional letter to wife, Emotional letter to wife, Emotional letter to wife, emotional videos

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    emotional videos, emotional videos, radhika apte s you re beautiful, Emotional videos

    Radhika Apte’s ‘You’re beautiful’ 22 April 2016

    ‘You’re beautiful’, one compliment from someone would make a girl blush. But there are girls who did not get any such compliments at that young age, where compliment is more than anything. What do you actually feel about your looks,...

    Keywords: you’re beautiful, emotional videos, emotional videos, Radhika Apte

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    emotional videos, grandparents wish, feel the joy in making grandparents wish true, Emotional videos

    Feel the joy in making grandparents wish true 09 November 2015

    You have friends, movies, restaurants and many more to experience in this wonderful world. But to your grandparents, you might be the only world and wanted to see you happy always. If you have such a wonderful and lovely grandparents,...

    Keywords: Viral videos, Viral videos, emotional videos, emotional videos

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